Sfbow 11

Talianna Lea and explore the area and thereby encounter Imperial patrols, which they ais the way to go first.In a valley in the north-west, they build an elf base. With the Elefenkriegerinnen to destroy first the two wolflings AHRR and Grorr , the loyal subordinate of Fial Darg . Then they move to the east before. Built there Tally a Orkbasis and the elves destroy the other two allies of the Fial Darg , the fire elementals Kolipragand Flammagor . The way to Fial Darg is now free, but does a ravine in front of it imperial troops so abound. On separate paths leads Tally their armies there and sends the Orcs in the first battle. When are wiped out, it sets the Elves , the last opponent to do it. At last they reach Cenwen , but unfortunately is Lena too hastily and thus falls victim to the Fial Darg .

Furiously attacked tally with the shadow sword the enemy and kill him eventually. They freed the elf queen, her reported her abduction. They agreed to meet with her ​​in Tirganach to fight there against the Dragons prepare for the winter.