The first act is nothing else than a large tutorial. It is a great opportunity to master a user interface, and, by the way, you are being introduced into the main intrigue. That’s why you don’t have to worry about quests: it’s not a big challenge to finish them, all you have to do is to execute narrator’s instructions. This is the reason I only listed possible quests without going into details. You surely will not meet any problems if you follow narrator’s tips. Let’s start then.

Listen to the conversation with your brother Bor. He is going to accompany you in your journey home. He gives you a first quest: visit Lya and join her to your group. Your sister lives in a small hut, north from the place you met Bor. Follow him. Now you may try different camera’s views and learn how to move your hero.

After a while you face first enemy: aggressive Wolf crosses your way. Bor rushes to attack. Narrator explains rules of the combat system.

Fighting is not complicated at all. All you need to do is to click on the enemy with right button of the mouse. With Bor’s help, kill approaching wolves. Successful killing of two beasts enables you to advance a level. Narrator explains what has to be done to make the hero stronger. Bor officially becomes a member of your group. Heroes fighting by your side are the strongest allies in the game. From now you may give orders to Bor.

Follow the path until you reach a gate. Prepare yourself for entering much more dangerous world beyond the gate. Narrator tells you about new way of attacking your foes. Continue your journey.

Next killed wolf leaves a chest with a treasure. Take all items with you. It’s time for mastering an inventory menu. Since now always remember to check bodies of killed enemies. 

Following the path, the two of you reach Lya’s hut. But things evidently go wrong: approaching the cottage you can see signs of fight and then you find your sister’s body and a few dead Dark Elves. Fortunately it’s not too late for help. The Shaikan have a special ability: they can resurrect their people. It’s your next task: celebrate the ritual before it’s too late.

This time it’s not a big challenge. All you have to do is to follow narrator’s instructions. This way you bring your sister back to life and master special abilities of Shaikan race. 

Listen to the conversation between brothers and sister. You receive a new quest: warn your people against approaching army of Shadow Elves. Narrator tells you about Quest Book inventory. Before hitting the road equip your party with items found in the chest standing next to Lya’s hut.

When you are ready to go, follow the path West from Lya’s home. Be prepared for a fight with Sand Spiders. Killing a huge spider allows all your heroes to advance a level. Narrator teaches you how to use magic.

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