Alyah is a rogue, thief and heir to the throne of Empyria, a character in Spellforce series, first appeared in SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix.


Her father was Emperor Magnus Arias and the mother - Kaira Faran. When Magnus banished his wife from the palace because he fell in love with Dryad, Alyah never forgave him for that and so, she left the palace and becomes a rogue.


Later, Magnus was killed by Alyah herself. Empyria loses the ruler and Alyah must have become a hier of the throne.

Spellforce 2: Demons ot the Past

You meet Alyah in the Realm of the Gods, she tells you, that she had died during an ambush of the Hazims in the Onyx Shores; she was killed by a poisoned arrow that hit her in the thigh.

After her death, her brother Ishtar became emperor of Xu.

She is a possible companion of the Elder.