The Ruins of Ankbrand are remains of an obscure city within the world of Eo.


This place was only shown and mentioned within the prologue quest The Lost Rune in the first SpellForce series. In this prologue the rune warrior Tahira was tasked to help the adventurers sent by the circle mage Rohen.

Caele, Lev and Joshua were sent to find a special rune: The rune stone of the future Phoenix Bearer. After Tahira had acquired the rune from the orc fighter Krong and had given it to Rohen, the place was left behind and never mentioned ever again.


It is not known where Ankbrand was supposed to be. It is unclear in which continent of Eo the former city of Ankbrand was built.

However due to the vegetation it is rather unlikely that Xu or Urgath are the continents. It might be Fiara or it might not be included at all.

The island is grown over by grass all across the island except for one spot where a small lava lake arose from the center.

The island is covered by lots of ruins that are supposedly the remains of the old city of Ankbrand. However it remains a mystery who built said city in the first place.