A Godstone, a symbol of Aonir

Aonir is the main god in the SpellForce series' pantheon. He's the most powerful of all the gods, in several instances it can be inferred that he is so far beyond them as to be something else entirely. An example of this is his supremacy over the Elements, against whome other gods proved useless, but which he is able to triumph against consistently.

Aonir almost never intervenes directly, the only signs of his influence exist in the stones that protected certain areas of the world during the Convocation when the primal elements raged out of control, and when he forced the elements back into submission after the Eye of Aonir was uncovered once more.

It was Aonir who originally bound the elements into slumber, allowing the races of the world to come into existence. For this reason, he is highly venerated by humans.


When Aonir came through the big emptiness from the stars, he saw the world of Eo in chaos. The elements themselves raged on this world, and Aonir decided to give it peace. So he battled the elements and, when he saw that even he could not beat them, he casted a spell over them.

After he had casted a spell over, and shaped the face of the world with the elements, Aonir the Wanderer stepped down onto Eo. There, he planted the seeds of life, his most prised possession. After he had done that, he lingered. Before he went back home to the strands from which he once set out, he summoned his children to guard his work.

For the worry about it would not leave him.