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Aryn the Frostweaver is an ancient dragon, perhaps the eldest dragon in all existence. He is also widely considered to be the most powerful dragon alive.

He is supossed to be possessing powers that can rival even a gods when he is roused.


Aryn brought death in the world. But only one creature could save the entire Eo - Cenwen , the queen of the elven race in Tirganach,was she. The furious dragon was able to calm down only when Cenwen was singing. She decided to stay with Aryn in his frozen lands for the eternity to sing for him so Eo will be able to live on. See the developer story here regarding Aryn's background.

Spellforce: Breath of Winter

When the Fial Darg abducted Cenwen from Aryn's nest in the ice wastes north of Tirganach the ice dragon awoke from his slumber. When he noticed that the elven queen had gone missing he went furious and prepared to head out. This might have caused another age of ice just as the Fial Darg had plotted. However a Rune Warrior rescued Cenwen from The Crimson Empire and the Fial Darg and brought her back to Aryn. Thus the freezing of Eo was prevented at the very last.  


  • His weakness is Black Magic, thus he was susceptible to the Fial Darg's black curse that covered Aryn's senses while prince of darkness captured Cenwen
  • Although by being described by one of the eldest and most terrifying dragons in existence Aryn seems to have aged and weakened alot during the time he slept with Cenwen singing. This resulted in him being unable to fly and only be able to use minor ice magic spells.