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Assassins are the warriors of the Draco, one of the three ruling castes in the Dark Elves’ social hierarchy. Their strenuous training begins at childhood, and more than a few do not survive.

A young assassin is robbed of his family and friends, and lives a life of hardship and humiliation in the grey schools of the Draco, learning to kill and hate. Only when this boy has grown into a wrathful man, a weapon whose only purpose is to kill, can he rise through the ranks of the assassins. Assassins are feared on the battlefield, for they are more than mere soldiers, they are merciless executioners, sent to bring the wrath of the god of night to those who have faith in the light.

The perfection with which they have mastered their weapons and the art of war makes them seemingly forget the weight of their armor, and when they swirl through the ranks of their enemies as dancers of death, or climb the walls of an enemy fortress silently and unseen, then they are one with their destiny.

Spellforce 2 Edit

How the Shadows exactly came to Eo is unknown, but it was the doing of Nazshar, Sorvina’s husband, who helped them disperse there. Their bodies are like black depths where all light and life just disappear. They usually move about on the shadow level, invisible for normal creatures. Only when they fight against a visible opponent, they have to leave the shadow level and become visible. In this moment, the magic of the shadow level runs through them and they can launch a single devastating attack against their unsuspecting victim. Their blades directly appear in the bowels of the enemy and quickly kill them.

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