After the rune warrior has informed Sartarius about the messengers betrayal and the danger Rohen currently faces by the Dark One a knave stormed in.

He informed Sartarius that a bunch of cave orcs was about to attack Greyfell for taking revenge for their brother's death by the avatar previously.

The rune warrior took control over some of the order's knights and was ordered by Sartarius to repel the enemy attack.

The cave orcs are weak but great in numbers and are also supported by cave orc healers. However with the support from the order of dawn the orcs were quickly defeated.

Once the rune warrior returned to Sartarius he was tasked with following Rohen. However Sartarius did not know where Rohen went off to so he suggested to visit Darius in Liannon.

The old man Darius was said to be a good friend of Rohen and Rohen might have told him where he was planning to go to. This starts the quest Darius the Cartographer.


  • Keep in mind any merchant killed by the orcs at this time will never return so make sure to avoid casualties.