Darkelf Battlemaster a-1-
The caste of the Draco does not consist solely of whirling assassins, but also of the thoughtful tactics and battle in heavy ranks. From this war-hardened caste come most of the great leaders of the Dark Elven armies. Battlemasters are the heavy fighters of the Draco, whose clarity of thought and willpower more than compensate the wildness that the butchers of the Sinistra have to their advantage.

The Battlemasters are planners and strategists, but also fight on the frontline, experienced warriors who have learned well the wisdom and teachings of their caste. Their equipment is not weighed down by religious frills, being made for one purpose only, and Battlemasters carry the best weapons and armor the smiths of the warrior caste have to offer. They are not only feared warriors, but also well-respected teachers, with their clear-headedness giving the armies of the Norcaine their tactical advantage and stability.

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