Belial was the a demi-god of death serving the renegade god Zarach and he also was the final boss of SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix.


He had been imprisoned in the Mask of Belial first but when Hokan Ashir first found it in the Bone Temple before the Convocation its powers made him one of the strongest mages of the circle in the magic of death.

After the Phoenix Bearer brought him the mask once more in Whisper where is corpse had been buried, Hokan was reborn once more and then attempted a dreadful plan. He attempted to fuse with the demi-god of death to become a divine individual himself.

However Belial tricked Hokan since he did not become a god but instead Belial took over Hokan's body. Only with the power of the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior combined the fusion of Hokan and Belial was disrupted and Belial was never seen again after this.


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