To thank them for saving them the Dwarven forges of Winterlight Peak taught the Shaikan how to make the scale armors that soon were to become the emblem of the soldiers under the dragon banner. Fine scales made of wind steel keep all blades safely away from the flesh of the carrier, but their weight is almost imperceptible and their dense pattern coats the body of the fighter almost like a second skin.

With this light scales armor of the Shaikan for the first time fast and agile fighting arts can be used without the fighter having to sacrifice armor protection for flexibility. Thus Ayiro, the Shaikan Weapons Master from far away Kathai, could introduce the young female fighters of the dragon banner to the art of the Desert Storm Blade; a very agile and lethal art of fighting which requires the double blade of the Kathai. If the battle requires it, the Blade Master can also fight with a common shield and sword. This gives her a little more protection against attacks, but also deprives her of the destructive power of her double blade.