The germ of life slumbering in the blood of the Shaikan can be the origin for a very special kind of magic. Only very few and very experienced Shaikan can trigger the special ability of this blood magic, the ability to give life. With a bloodmage ritual a Shaikan can use the germ of creation in his blood to rekindle the spark of life in a fallen Shaikan. This art, which up to know could only be used by the most powerful Shaikan, is now being studied by the Bloodmages. Because as long as the Shaikan haven’t found a dragon for a new blood bond, the death of one of them will thin out the bloodline until it has disappeared completely. To reduce the price for the battle the Shaikan blood has to pay again and again, this is why the Bloodmages were created.

But not all Bloodmages are capable of resurrecting their blood siblings. Most of the ones coming straight from training at first only know how to heal. Only with the additional studies at the Halls of Teaching the Bloodmages acquire the ability to resurrect, which is what makes the humans among the Shaikan so special.