Spellforce-The Order of DawnEdit


Building Cost To Make Prerequisite
Woodcuter Hut 40 wood. None
Quarry 30 wood, 20 stone. None
Mine 50 wood, 30 stone. None
Hunting Lodge 50 wood, 10 stone. None
Forge 40 wood, 30 stone. None
Fisher's Hut 40 wood, 20 stone. None
Crossbow Tower 80 wood, 50 stone. None
Small Headquarters 50 wood, 40 stone None
Medium Headquarters 100 wood, 150 stone Small HQ
Large Headquarters 250 wood, 250 stone. Medium HQ
Food Store 60 wood, 90 stone. Small HQ
White Hand 50 stone, 80 aria. Small HQ
Aria Shrine 20 wood, 60 stone. Small HQ
Smelting Works 75 wood, 75 stone. Small HQ
Shooting Range 150 wood, 150 stone. Small HQ
Temple Of Light 40 wood, 60 stone. Small HQ
Academy 100 wood, 150 stone. Medium HQ
Master Armory 150 wood, 200 stone. Medium HQ

Humans: Unit's. Cost To Make:
Recruit: 50 iron. (need: Forge)
Scout: 40 wood, 15 iron. (need: Forge)
Marksman: 30 wood, 15 iron. (need: Forge and Shooting Range)
Cleric: 40 iron, 20 aria. (need: Forge and Temple of Light)
Enchanter: 65 aria. (need: Temple Of Light and Academy)
Mentalist: 100 aria. (need: Temple Of Light and Academy)
Armsman: 70 iron. (need: Forge and Master Armory)
Paladin: 60 iron, 30 aria. (need: Forge, Temple Of Light and Master Armory.
__________________________________________________ __

Humans: Upgrades. Cost To Make:
Double Crossbow: 300 wood, 100 iron. (For: Marksman)
Path Of Light: 200 iron, 100 aria. (For: Cleric)
Shock Wave: 600 aria. (For: Mentalist)
Clarity: 400 aria. (For: Enchanter)
Fire Blessing: 250 iron, 250 Aria. (For: Paladin)Human Titan: 500 iron, 300 aria. (For: Itself)

Spellforce-The Breath of WinterEdit

Spellforce-Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

Spellforce 2: Shadow WarsEdit

Realm BuildingsEdit

Realm Headquarter

Clan BuildingsEdit

Clan Headquarter

Pact BuildingsEdit

Pact Headquarter

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormEdit

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