Caine is a mysterious Hunter of the Abyss in Spellforce 2.


For aeons, the demons buried deep in the burning abyss deep under the visible face of world have tried to control mortal beings, tearing them down into their realm. When people are enraged, weak or desperate, there will always be a whisper in the darkness, promising to fulfil all their desires and hopes – however, the prize will be eternal doom. Some of them are insane enough to sign a contract written on a piece of their own skin, but when the time has come to fulfil their destiny, many of them begin to shatter and they try to flee the unavoidable by hiding in holy places or realms of the gods or by protecting themselves with holy amulets. For these betrayers, a special mercenary of the demons will come – Caine is one of them. A murderer, who has seen and experienced the horror of the abyss before getting a rare gift – a second chance. He has been sent back to the surface to become the hangman of those who try to betray the abyss. His prey is the blood of the hunted, keeping him alive for hundreds of years. But Caine is playing his own game, and although the abyss has sent him as hangman, he is becoming the judge. He is become known as the judge after getting more information about his targets. He then uses this information to decide whether to kill them or not. If he kills them then their soul will go to the abyss however if he decides not to kill them then he will rip up the contract and to the demons it is like the contract never existed. He is first introduced to us in Spellforce 2 Dragon Storm when he tries to kill Whisper but then gets killed by the main character and his companions. He then find out that he has become a shaiken after accidentally drinking the blood of a shaiken. After that he travels around with the main character and he helps in slaying the shaper therefore making him a very popular character.

SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm

In Spellforce 2 Dragon Storm he first appears after killing Whisper. He then decides to help the main character. Caine will give the main character quests throughout their journey together and this will make him get more powerful throughout the game.

SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny

In Spellforce 2 Faith in Destiny he first appears after the main character uses Mr Twiddle's machine to get to a place. He then stays with the main character throughout the rest of their journey and some becomes a vital character in the main plot of the story and statically. He does not gives any information about his past and he doesn't give any quests out during this game.

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past




Caine's eyes are clouded, as though he is blind, yet he doesn't seem to have any trouble seeing.

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