Cenwen is a queen of the Ice Elves in Tirganach.

She appears in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter and was mentioned in SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm.


A long time ago the dragons ruled the world, one of them was Aryn, the Frostweaver. His quest was to turn Fiara into the ice glacier. But there was a woman, queen of the ice elves, she stopped him. Her name was Cenwen, as Aryn started to attack the Elven fortress, Cenwen started to sing for him. Her beatiful voice calmed the dragon and the war ended.

Spellforce: The Breath of WinterEdit

A Fial Darg ascended the cold wastelands which were Aryn's nest and abducted Cenwen in his plan to awaken the Frostweaver once more. As a direct result the world would have been frozen over by his might again. Luckily a Rune Warrior, later called by the name of Shadow Warrior, rescued Cenwen and slaughtered the Fial Darg in the Abyss. Queen Cenwen was then able to get back to Aryn and calm him again so he would sleep.

Spellforce 2: Dragon StormEdit

Tirganach was destroyed by Dark Elves and ice elves had to leave their home. Wind and Whisper, children of the Cenwen, along with the elves left the town and went to the Highmark.

Interesting factsEdit

  • Cenwen is a firstborn, means that she was a direct creation by the Guardian Gods.
  • Cenwen is Whisper's and Wind's mother
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