Located on the Character Info tab, and partially on the equipment page, character information refers to a number of certain traits that determine your avatar's abilties in the world. They are divded into the following categories:

Level - Inidcates the overall power of a character. With the addition of each level, the number of available points to spend on stats increases, as does the amount of points to spend on increasing your proficiency in abilties. The maximum level possible is thirty.

Armourclass - this number indicates the level of protection your character possess against physical attacks, both melee and ranged. The higher this number is, the less health points you will lose when attacked.

Life - Represented by health points, and a bar outside of character information, if the number of total health points reaches zero, the unit will die. Health points will be lost whenever you are damaged by either physical or magical attacs. Rune Warriors and Shaikan will regenerate health outsid eof combat, and when they die, they will resurrect at the nearest bindstone. If there are no active bindstones left, it is considered a game over. Other units are permanently dead, although replacement is usually possible if it is a combat unit.

Mana - Similar to Life, Mana is represented by a points in character info, and a bar outside of it. Points are depleted when spells are cast. Each spell requires a certain number of points to cast, if there are not enough points left, the spell will fail.


Stats - General values that describe a character.

Resistance - The higher a value for a certain magic is, the less damage it will incur if a spell of that attribute makes contact.

Speed - Increases the rate at which certain tasks are accomplished.

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