In Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars you will get various quest in a map called Westguard. They tell you to get Clays and Limestones. You will need 10 Limestones and 10 Clays to finish all of those quests. This is the list over the 14 clays you can get:

Clay (14):

  • 1x Westguard, clay golem, near the lake in the far southwest.
  • 5x Dun Mora, clay golems, in the southern swamp area.
  • 1x Iron Fields, clay golem, on the way to the old temple in the west.
  • 1x Gate of Swords, clay golem, area north of the gate.
  • 1x Gate of Swords, in the merchants' camp.
  • 3x Gate of Swords, clay golems, in the area south of the path up to the merchants' camp.
  • 1x Uram Gor, near the city wall in the west, somewhat north of the south/north midpoint
  • 1x Uram Gor, western undead camp, near the city wall in the north.

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