The Cyclops is the Titan unit for the Troll race.


They are characterized by a large stature, a single eye in the middle of their face, and are covered in filth.


It is a large melee unit, capable of recieving and dispensing large amounts of physical damage with a fearsome club. Nearly immune to fire due to their tough hide, their low intelligence makes them easy targets for Mentalist powers. Cyclops can let loose a fearsome roar that will cause enemies nearby to cower in fear. Unfortunately, his size makes him slow, and it is difficult for him to catch fast moving enemy units unaware.


Their heritage is unclear, some believe them to be related to the Troll race somehow, while others claim them to be creatures of Zarach. For the most part, Cyclops were an unknown existence for centuries due to their isolation in the jungles far from civilization. For unknown reasons, they abruptly decided to assault Urgath, destroying everything in their path until they encountered the Trolls. The Cyclops bound themselves to the trolls, trailing them in their lives, imitating the trolls actions in constructing weapons and in working stone. To this day, the Cyclops follow the Trolls into battle against their enemies.

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