After the cave orcs attack has been repelled, Sartarius ordered the rune warrior to follow Rohen. However he did not know where Rohen went off to and thus suggested to visit Darius Servil in Liannon.

He was supposed to be a good friend of Rohen and the chances were very likely that Rohen paid him a visit before his departure.

Sartarius then gave the rune warrior a writ of passage. By using it the portal guards let her pass and enter the portal to Liannon.

On Liannon the rune warrior found herself on a small path leading to the village. Within the village Darius stood in the very center and could hardly be missed.

When asking him about Rohen he said he really was here but already traveled on further to get to the Wildland Pass.

However after his departure the black fist had attacked and thus the way to Eloni has been cut off. He then suggested the rune warrior to talk to Celen Fell starting the quest Path to Eloni.