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dark elves in Spellforce 1

Dark elves, also called as Norcaine, is a Spellforce race.


Nor, the Silverweaver, god of night and lord of the silver disc of the moon, was the first guardian to descend to the earth and tell the races of the guardian gods and their duties. But with time, the races forgot his teachings and turned away from the cool master of darkness, seeking instead solitude with the gods of light and the sun. Disappointed and spurned, Nor was quick to side with the renegade Zarach when the gods began to disunite. As a token of gratitude, Zarach created a race for his dark brother, a race that for all times would be devoted to Nor, master of the night. From the pure essence of the elves he formed the most beautiful, perfect and deadly of the dark races, the Norcaine – also known as Dark Elves.

Their spirit is sharp and cold as the light of the full moon, and they are as quick and merciless as the icy nightwind. War is their art, battle their poetry. They live to sow destruction and neither hope nor joy is necessary to give them courage. Perfect tools of death, they show no weakness, despair or fatigue. Their entire days and nights are spent worshipping and praying to Nor, their master, and destroying the light-seeking worms whose gods forced him into exile.

It is their sharp intellect and discipline that makes the Dark Elves so dangerous and that almost decided the War of Six Races for the dark ones. From Urgath they came to Fiara with their brothers in arms, the orcs and trolls. Once the war was over, they stayed and founded the realm of Lar on the nebulous east coast. There, they raised towers of obsidian and forged heavy armor and moonblades, which they would use in uncounted cruel battles against the races of the light.


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