Dwarf Defender

The dwarf mines and forges have always been a popular target for conquest. Their treasures and weapons are the key to victory and wealth, to dominance and power over Fiara. So also thought the Fial Darg as again and again they threw their armies against the dwarven fortresses. For days on end, the dark princes rained fire and rock down on the dwarven fortifications, their siege towers advancing relentlessly. Soon, the dwarf kings realised that their warriors’ armour, made for marching and the battlefield, was too open to withstand the constant barrage of projectiles.

From this realisation came the heavy armour and great shields of the Defenders, who forewith constitute the impenetrable ranks on the battlements, repelling the waves of darkness.

Spellforce 2Edit

Frac1 dwarfdefender


The defender with his massive shield is the best-armored unit of the realm. Hardly anything penetrates the heavy armor plates of his armor and a wall of shields of defenders is hardly inferior to a brick wall of a fort, since the iron strong arms of the dwarves hold it up. The hammers of the defenders do not cause as much damage as the axes of the elites, but with their robustness and stamina they stand firm as a rock against the enemies.

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