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"Irene:no not until my poeple are avaneged, ur free and that alchmeist at the river of sould. are campagin has just degan let's go to shal Flacmar: shal to the captial of norcaine are you mad were luckie if we can hold this frontier Io: that means attcaking dragh lur shaikan no army of light has ever conqued that frotess Qoute from after killing golath.

Dragh'Lur is the fortress of the Norcaine.


In Dragh’Lur you are commanding Orc’s, Troll’s and Barbarian’s forces. I recruited all of them and I paid special attention to have a lot of shooting and casting spells units (Shaman, Axeman, Hurler). But you also have to recruit a strong group of units good in melee fight - there are a few Titans waiting for you. I did not recruit flying units. At the beginning you have to take care of your base – six towers and a group of fifteen soldiers should defend the base easily. But before you decide to lead your army in the area you have to recruit a lot of soldiers. Your opponent’s base is strongly fortified and you will lose a lot of units. In further phase of the battle, when you capture your opponent’s materials, recruit a Titan and catapults (you will need them to storm Dragh’Lur).