Dragons are powerful lizard-like creatures in the world of Eo. They all possess strong physical powers and most of them also can use magical attacks such as elemental attacks. While there are lots of minor dragons such as Drakelings, there are also quite a few powerful adult dragons. Those have a quite profound mind as well and are able to use their strengths to the fullest. The eldest of the dragons are the great dragons. Those rumored beings are so powerful that not even a mage of a circle was supposed to withstand their elemental breath.

Sub-Types of Dragons


Those dragons only have lived a few decades and are thus still to be considered infants compared to adult dragons. Often they do not possess powerful magic. However even they should never be underestimated because their physical attacks are often still enough to rip a regular soldiers into shreds.


Dragons who have lived several centuries are considered adults and are often powerful enough to bring death to entire armies on their own. Said dragons are exceptionally rare. Their numbers have greatly diminished after the Age of Swords and thus most of those dragons are living in secluded areas in Eo.

Great Dragons

The eldest of the dragons have lived since their race had been created by the gods. They have access to extremely powerful magic and are able to destroy even Allfire-infused beings such as the Shapers and the Circle. Also they are able to speak telepathically as shown by Tiamat, when she revealed herself to the Corporal in SpellForce 3.


Those beasts are not directly considered dragons but possess some similarities. They have a way more simple mind but their body and their aggression makes them extremely dangerous in any kind of combat. When being compared to an actual dragon, Wyverns are way more numerous but often stick together in packs because of their lower combat strength.


Dawn of Creation

At the dawn of time directly after the All-father Aonir had left the world of Eo, the guardian gods decided, that the world should be filled with life. Among others they created the dragons. Their rule was absolute, no other race was able to reach the summit of power compared to the dragons of old times.

The Shaper Era

After the Shapers had aquired the power of the Essence, they created their empire by merging their mind and enslaving other peoples with their runic magic. According to Tiamat, their power became so strong, that even the dragons feared the Shapers. Thus the great dragons descended and burned down their civilization almost entirely, leaving only ruins.

Post-Shaper Era

After the Shapers had been exterminated, other races such as the dwarves and the elves were beginning to prosper in Eo. They lived together with the dragons in harmony because they respected each others' territory. There were also the first interactions such as the bond between the elven firstborn Cenwen and Aryn the Frostweaver.

Age of Swords

When the human race came into existance, they learned the art of forging weapon from the dwarves of the Windwall Mountains. The quickly growing race descended into the world of Eo and rapidly began to occupy land for its own. They were adapt at learning and using knowledge from other races as well. They even dared to begin combat with the dragons and even won battles among the giant lizards. The onslaught of the humans against the firstborn peoples resulted in a war-driven time called the Age of Swords.

Hybernian Empire and the Shaikan

After the Humans had taken their place and left a deep imprint on the world of Eo, they began forming their empires. The Hybernian Empire was neither the first or the last but it was one of the most powerful ones. The human knowledge during that time was so profound, that the hybernian alchemist Malacay was able to break a big taboo: He was able to create life on its own and created the Malar. This resulted in the first direct intervention of the gods since the fight between the Guardians and the Renegades. The Empire was shattered after the gods had descended but with Malacay's legacy remaining: The Shaikan people.

Era of the Circle and the Convocation

During the time of the Circle many dragons were used during the Convocation Wars and even more were killed. The fire dragon Fyrmir was said to have served under Uram the Red as a  part of the Red Legion. He was severely wounded when the arch-elements raged during the Convocation.

Post-circle era

After a Fial Darg had abducted Cenwen from Aryn's Glacier, this resulted in the Frostweaver awakening from his slumber. However the Shadow Warrior was able to kill the prince of darkness and brought Cenwen back to the dragon, so he would fall asleep once again. A couple years later the Shaikan Patriarch Ur was abducted by the Norcaine sorceress Sorvina of the Pact to use his draconic blood and killed in the process.

Noteable Dragons

Dragon units in SpellForce 3

The Corporal had to fight many different dragons during his travels through Nortander.