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a druid from spellforce

Druid is a unit of Elven race in SpellForce and SpellForce 2

SpellForce Edit

Only a small minority of elves have the dedication and strength necessary to follow the path of the forest goddess and join the Circle of Druids. Similarly to the Wanderers, they have a particularly strong bond with the forces of nature, but theirs goes ever deeper. There lives are governed by the laws of nature and they server their clan as priest and advisor. In the wars against the dark ones, the druids learned to use their powers in battle and hurl them against their enemies.

In-game Edit

In order to summon druids, a player need 100 lenya and a few buildings to build.

Druids use White magic spells, specifically Life and Blessing.

SpellForce 2 Edit

Frac1 elfdruid-1-

a druid from spellforce 2

These devoted servants of the forest goddess are the healers of the realm. Her magic equally heals the wounds of humans, elves and dwarves, because the forest goddess does not differentiate in her benevolence. However, these peace-loving priests are rather weak in close combat, therefore a clever commander will hide them behind a solid wall of shields of his soldiers.The druids have wands that help them to heal.The healing rate is slow however.

In-game Edit

It takes only 1 space for a single druid.They are not good at attacking.Try to train at least 15 of them in a group. In sevenkeepes By the way. The arcanum of magician gives you 5 lvl 11 druids. They are very useful as your heroes are low level.👍👍

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