The Dryad of the Lifetree is a major character appearing in SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix.


Dawn of Time

At the very beginning of time, the guardian gods and few of the firstborn beings were roaming the lands of Eo together. There it happened, that the Dryad and the god of Wisdom, Ereon, met each other and fell in love.

Their love remained one beautiful summer according to the Scribe himself. However when the other gods found out, the Dryad was punished for having seduced Ereon. Her powers over nature were restricted and it was forbidden to her to meet up with Ereon ever again. The formerly blushing country of Xu became more and more deserted because of the Dryad's weaker influence over nature and some lush places turned into deserts such as the Red Wastes.

During the Rune Wars

The two rune warrior's met up with the Dryad of the Life Tree on their search for Darius. She told them about his departure into the Black Jungle and guided them on their way. She was one of the most important persons in bringing the two rune warriors together and the artefacts they carry: The Phoenix Stone and the Shadowblade. As such she as directly responsible to freeing the god Ereon from Hokan Ashir's imprisonment and for the final destruction of the Circle by releasing the Phoenix.

Post-Circle Era

After the god Ereon had been rescued by the rune warriors and Belial's summoning was prevented, the Scribe Ereon spoke to the Dryad. For her help in dealing with the dark forces, she had been forgiven by the guardian gods. She was granted back her original powers and it was immediately seen that dense greenlands began sprouting all across the realm of Xu.



SpellForce Shadow of the Phoenix Extro

SpellForce Shadow of the Phoenix Extro

The Dryad is given back her powers by Ereon