When having talked to Cronvig Gimlison at Windholme in the Southern Windwall Mountains, the old dwarf will say that someone had stolen his eye glasses as well as an old statuette. The eye glasses could be found in a chest in Liannon to the north-east close to the house of the Muir family. The fitting key for the chest could be found at the goblin Wartskin south of Liannon village.

Upon bringing Cronvig his glasses back, he was very thankful and gave the rune warrior some of the finest dwarven brandy. But the statuette remained stolen and he asked the rune warrior to keep her eyes open for it.

In Greyfell the dwarf Hinrik Karison had been looking for drinks from his people. Upon offering Cronvig's brandy, he gladly accepted and gave the rune warrior some - as he called it - junk, including the very statuette that Cronvig had been looking for. Bringing it back to Cronvig made him into paying a generous sum to the rune warrior.


  • Hinrik stated that he had lost his stuff while being drunk in Liannon. Since the chest contained Cronvig's eye glasses as well as some alcohol, it seems very clear, that Hinrik had stolen Cronvig's stuff. For whatever reason remains unknown until now.