Sfbow 3

Directly portal on the friends of Reowys welcomes the Rune but in the power of evil Whorim is. Although he therefore must serve this, the companions of the warning. It is clear that support is needed to Whorim to defeat. Before Talianna but activates the Monument of the Dark Elves , she cleans her two companions, the environment, to build peace in their base to be able to. After they have formed their army, it runs through the marshes echo and makes the enemy camp of all flat.she meets a mysterious, masked, who can make certain runes to use them this. They also freed Hortar that it is a task and then access to the rest of the country will open the. Once all other enemies are defeated, the attack begins to Whorims camp. With its strong army, it is not a problem for Talianna , first the poor Reowys and then Whorim to defeat. With Reowys Rune return to the friends Mirraw Thur back.