Eloni and Leafshade form the northern outpost of the Morhir - the elves, who left the forest of , the White tree. The southern outpost is located near Highmark, in the ruined city of Dun Mora.

Background story

Early stages

After the elves of Finon Mir had set up their codex of behaviour to all elves, the Morhir left their brothers and sisters to live free from all these restrictions. The Morhir had founded lots of settlements in the wilderness where they continued there way of living, without being forced to live after the caste of Finon Mir.

SpellForce: The Order of Dawn

Not being able to reach the Shiel directly from the island of Liannon, the phoenix bearer was forced to take another road going through Eloni. On her way she met the elf Sidahan who begged for her help. The settlement of Eloni was under the attack of Brannigan's troops.

Sidahan showed the rune warrior a human monument where he can summon an army strong enough to defeat the invaders and break the siege. Once the gate to the south was opened, the army marched in an obliterated the camps of Urshuk and Ruff

Upon having rescued the city, Lycande came out and told the rune warrior, that an army of the Black Fist had occupied the path to Leafshade. The rune warrior marched there and destroyed the last camp in front of the portal.

After the rune wars

Stated in SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past, the nameless have invaded the country of Eloni during the reawakening of Zazhut. All citizens and the buildings were entirely obliterated.


Because of the attackers, you will never feel alone in Eloni. However, except of the enemies, you will also find some allies in the forests, such as:

To the south, close to the beastmen vale, there also were some other.


Eloni Beastmen

Beastmen in southwestern Eloni behind the stone gate

There are two huge camps of the Black Fist located east of the city of the elves. Also some other camps are located to the northeast on the path to Leafshade. To the very south and southwest, some ogres and beastmen have set-up some camps but they are locked behind a stone gate at first. Next to the human monument to the southeast, there is a small goblin camp holding the key to the main forest of Eloni.

There are also some noteable enemies on the island:

  • Fafna
    A young dragon in the north
  • Klarg and Klurg -
    Two ogre brothers in the beastmen vale
  • Murak
    An orc shaman guarding the road from Eloni to Leafshade
  • Ruff
    An ogre leading the eastern goblin camp of the Black Fist
  • Sharknar
    A human necromancer who resides at the end of the beastmen vale in the southwest
  • Thump 
    A goblin able to use nature magic just behind the gate to the beastmen vale
  • Urshuk
    The orc leader of the western goblin camp
  • Zarn 
    A human traitor holding the key to the southern gate