Eloni and Leafshade form the northern outpost of the Morhir - the elves, who left the forest of Finon'Mir, the White tree. The southern outpost is located near Highmark, in the ruined city of Dun'Mora.


Not being able to reach the Shiel via the island of Liannon, the Avatar is forced to take another road going through Eloni. On its way, he meets the elf Sidahan who begs for his help : the camp of Eloni is under the attack of Brannigan's troops. Sidahan show the avatar an Human Monument where he can summon an army strong enough to defeat the invaders and break the siege. However, there is a problem. The fact is, a traitorous human called Zarn has stolen the key to the Forest Vale, on the other side of the door. Since Zarn's camp holds the only source of aria available for now, and Aonir knows if the Avatar will need this aria for his priests, the best and only thing to do right now is to attack it.

Once the Key is in the Avatar's possession and his army is strong enough, the Avatar opens the door and carefully reach the vale. But Brannigan's troops know now that the door is open and they send an army of goblins and orcs on the Avatar's troops. Fortunately, with the help of the crossbowmen and priests, the human army only whistand some dead while Brannigan's detachment is anihilated. The Avatar continues on to the first camp ruled by an ogle with a sharp axe, recruiting some elvan archers along the way. The second camp is the next to fall and the orc shaman who leads it dies under the Avatar's blade. Lycande, chief of the camp of Eloni, thanks the Avatar and gives his some of her own troops as reinforcement. However, with the human monument in the forest vale activated, the Avatar has quickly refoemed his army. Just in time : the orcs lead a counterattack who quickly fall under the crossbowmen's shots.

The Avatar walks with his army to the portal of Leafshade, eliminating any resistence along the way and driving a team of lost elves back to the camp. Once the portal free, the Avatar has two options. Either return to Eloni to make the several quests available here or go directly through the portal. The best choice would more likely be to do all the quests here, experience is something quite hard to gather and some items can be found doing them that can prove themselves interessing ...


The player starts at the southestern edge of the map and will be immideately confronted by the invading orcs and goblins of Brannigan's hordes. The southern part is therefore blocked by a gate. Also the southwestern part, inhabited by beastmen, a dryad and a necromancer, is locked behind a gate. Unfortunately, a free trader is being held captive there. The elven settlement itself is located in the east. It provides plenty of side quests. All the other parts of the country are in the hands of the orcs... except of the northern dragon cave.

Eloni main building


Eloni does not lie on the main road connection, so it borders only two countries:


Because of the attackers, you will never feel alone in Eloni. However, except of the enemies, you will also find some allies in the forests, such as:

There are traders and two free traders - Jenquai Sundancer and his (presumably) wife, Shadira Sundancer - in the beastmen vale.

Things to attackEdit

Goblins, orcs, goblins, orcs, human betrayers, goblins, orcs, beastmen, a wild dryad, a powerful necromancer, an even more powerful dragon protecting the purest aria crystals, and then orcs and goblins till the portal to Leafshade. The named createres are:

  • Fafna - an ancient dragon in the north
  • Klarg and Klurg - the two ogre brothers in the beastmen vale
  • Murak - an elite orc warrior, guarding the road from Eloni to Leafshade
  • Ruff - an ogre, leading the eastern goblin camp
  • Sharknar - a human necromancer, who resides at the end of the beastmen vale, in the southwest
  • Thump - a goblin, just behind the gate to the beastmen vale
  • Urshuk - the orc leader of the western goblin camp
  • Zarn - a human traitor


The rocky cliffs of Eloni are from the oldest periods, and so they provide a lot of iron ore and stone for building. The woods hide almost endless amount of lumber. And you will find also the purest aria on the whole Eo here. However, if you are looking for a farmer, you should better go and search somewhere else.