Spellforce- The Breath of Winter Elune

Elune is an elven mage from Tirganach, a character in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter. She is one of secondary, but crusial figures in the main narration.

Appearence Edit

Elune is an ice elf and looks like one, her skin is pale and even white and her eyes are blue. She looks young but apparently she is old, or even ancient. 

Involvement Edit

After releasing Fial Darg in Mirrathur, Elune appeares in the prison, exclaming, that she didn't expect such recklessness from her best pupil, Lena. She helps refugees to leave Mirrathur, leading them through the land to the portal to Frostfall. With the rune warrior's help, she makes a camp in the swamps and feeds refugees before going thurther into the mountins.