These are all the bulidings that the elves have.

Headquarter Edit

Small Headquarter Headquarters are administrative buildings. They determine the maximum head count of a settlement.

Elf headquarter small l

Middle Headquarter A medium headquarter is required to manage larger armies.

Elf headquarter medium l

Large Headquarter A large headquarter allows for the largest possible army. This is also where the elven titan, the great Treant, is summoned.

Elf headquarter large l

Woodcutter Edit

Woodcutter Hut (Resource building) For the elves, wood is the most important resources. A woodcutter’s hut can employ up to five workmen, who can chop wood and process timber faster and more efficiently.

Elf woodcutterhut l

Master Woodcutter (Resource building) In a master woodcutter’s building, the best elven craftsmen are trained. No other race can hope to match their prowess in working this resource.

Elf master woodcutter l

Forester (Resource building) A forester’s building enables craftsmen to plant new trees in the area around the building and thus create new wood.

Elf forester l

Sawmill (Resource building) This building improves wood processing. Craftsmen in woodcutter huts and master woodcutters can supply the sawmill. A craftsman is needed to operate the building.

Elf sawmill l

Hunting Lodge & Hunter's Guild Edit

Hunting Lodge (Resource building) From these buildings, up to five elven hunters set out into the forest to find food for the community.

Elf huntinglodge l

Hunters’ Guild (Resource building) In the hunters’ guild, the best hunters are trained, ensuring that even larger settlements can always be well supplied with food.

Elf huntersguild l

Foodstore & Resource buildings Edit

Foodstore (Resource building) A foodstore requires a craftsman for supervision. With proper storage, it improves the productiveness of hunters and gatherers.

Elf foodstore l

Gatherer’s Hut (Resource building) Often, the surrounding area of a settlement provides food in the form of berry bushes. Up to five gatherers can roam the region from this building and collect the fruit as food.

Elf gathererhut l

Lenya Gatherer (Resource building) Lenya is a magic plant that contains the power of nature and world magic, and is used by the elves for religious and magical purposes. From a lenya gatherer’s building, up to five gatherers search the countryside for this plant.

Elf lenya gatherer l

Defense building Edit

Archer Tower (Defense building) The archer towers watch over the elven settlements, engaging enemies at great distance. They are an effective defense against enemy scouts.

Elf archer tower l

Frostbringer (Defense building) Their prowess in the magic of ice gives the elves the skill to erect these towers of ice crystals. These magic building hurl ice shards at attackers and can freeze them for a short time.

Elf frostbringer l

Military building Edit

Armoury (Military building) A craftsman works in the armory, where longbows, staffs and leather armour is made and stored.

Elf armory l

Ailantery (Military building) In this holy place, the elves find peace for prayer and meditation. They can also learn the basics of magic and thus start on the long path of becoming a mage.

Elf ailantery l

Archery Hall (Military building) This building is used by the best elven archers for practice and training. It is here that the archers learn their deadly precision.

Elf archery hall l Iron Armoury (Military building) Iron delivered by other races is stored and processed here, and used to forge the metal armour worn by the elve’s heavy fighters.

Elf iron armory l

Hall of the Ancients (Military building) In the halls of these schools, the oldest and most dangerous knowledge of the elves is passed from generation to generation. This is where an elf is trained to become a powerful mage.

Elf hall of the ancients l

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