The humans are one of the six playable factions in The Order of Dawn, The Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix. Their benefits, their disadvantages as well as their units and buildings will be shown here.

The Monument

The human monument is created in the shape of a fortress with a human soldier statue standing guard on top of it. The soldier is wearing heavy armor, a tower shield and a large spear. There are six small towers across the monuments with stoneworks all over it.

When summoning units the human statue's eyes will glow in a deep blue light before materializing human rune fighters. Like all other Rune Monuments, the human monument is indestructible but the connection to a rune can be separated by inflicting damage to the building.


Now following is a list of the units available from this rune army.


The long years of war against the Dark Races took their toll on the human armies. Their reserves depleted, many regions fell to the dark ones and battle for battle, the human ranks were decimated. It was in this time that groups of volunteers began to form in the occupied territories and resist their oppressors, groups that became known as Daikin. 'T'hey were hardly more than farmers or craftsmen, and nary among them could afford to buy weapons or armor. Inventive and deft as they were, however, they were able to craft simple weapons and the leather armor that would become their trademark.

And were they not able to drive out their dark oppressors, they were at least able to flee and join the remaining armies in the free lands. There, they proved a worthy addition to the cumbersome ranks of the armsmen. Since this time, any volunteers wishing to join the army serve among these light troops, who to this day bear the traditional leather armor of the Daikin. A recruit’s duties include securing fortresses and strongholds or patrolling the borders of the realms. On the battlefield, they reinforce the flanks of the army and attack enemy archers or mages that the armsmen cannot reach quickly enough.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Basic Melee Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 7 - 11
  • Attack Speed: 110%
  • Armor Rating: 140
  • Required buildings: Forge
  • Required resources: 50 Iron


Since their first wars against the orcs and – in darker times – against the elves, humans know that not every foe will face their armored units on the battlefield. Often, their warriors were ambushed and slain without a chance to retaliate, or their enemy would retreat and flee out of reach even before their units arrived. Since those days, scouts have been an integral part of the human armies. They carry only light armor and are more maneuverable and much quieter than their comrades.

They take up position on the flanks of the battle, warn of surprise attacks and advance secretly into enemy territory, where they gather reconnaissance about their foes. Scouts are usually recruited from simple hunters and trackers that wish to serve their country in times of war.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Basic Ranged Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 10 - 14
  • Attack Speed: 75%
  • Armor Rating: 120
  • Required buildings: Forge
  • Required resources: 40 Wood, 15 Iron


Magic has always been dangerous to humans. Their thirst for power and conquest is stronger than that of any other race, and they cannot resist the allure of magic. Thus it is not surprising that the Mage Wars and the evil-doings of the Circle were mainly due to the influence of human Mages. After centuries of guilt that the humans brought upon themselves through these acts, magic is not a desirable thing. Faith, however, is a major driving force for humans.

Their short lifespan drives them to bind deeply with religion, with many of them devoting their lives to Aonir, the God of Stars or Tiara, the Sun dancer. Healing and consolation are their duties, but should war threaten the land, many of them will don their armour and take arms, joining their comrades in battle. With healing hands and righteous rage, they are a symbol for the presence of the Gods, for hope and for the indomitable human spirit.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Melee Fighter / Healer
  • Attack Damage: 6 - 10
  • Attack Speed: 90%
  • Armor Rating: 100 (140)
  • Magic: Heal
  • Upgrades: Path of Light
    Increases armor by giving him a shield and increases mana and mana regeneration.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Temple of Light
  • Required resources: 40 Iron, 20 Aria


On the battlefield, the crossbow is surpassed by the lightning-quick elven bows, but in the hand of a marksmen, it is nonetheless a deadly weapon. Rising from the ranks of the scouts, they shoot not only faster than their comrades, but with uncanny accuracy. Marksmen are rare, and their training costly, thus most warlords ensure they are equipped with chain armor, thereby ensuring them the best possible protection and the longest possible use of their skill. Usually, marksmen take position behind the ranks or on the walls of strongholds, whence they can rain a deadly hail of bolts onto their foes.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Ranged Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 12 - 17
  • Attack Speed: 75% (70%)
  • Armor Rating: 140
  • Upgrades: Double Crossbow
    Allows shooting at two targets a the same time.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Shooting Range
  • Required resources: 30 Wood, 50 Iron


Armsmen are the backbone of the human armies. They are recruited in times of war from the lower levels of society and instructed in the use of the halberd. With these simple, but effective weapons, they repel orcish lancers or try to hold back storming trolls. To this end, the human blacksmiths supply them with heavy armor that offers good protection against most weapons and ensures their survival on the battlefield. Armsmen are usually simple folk. But with their hearts of oak and under the command of the right leaders, they have won many a battle for the human armies.

Over the course of the years, many of them have become experienced fighters and these few devote their time to training of new recruits, ensuring that the skill of Armsmen is ever increasing, gaining them more and more respect.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Advanced Melee Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 13 - 23
  • Attack Speed: 75%
  • Armor Rating: 160
  • Required buildings: Forge, Master Armory
  • Required resources: 70 Iron


Since magic is disliked and mistrusted by the common people, magic is hard to learn in human territories and its use often frowned upon. The leaders of the human realms, however, know of its power and would not be so foolish as to ignore its potential in battle. And so they encourage and foster its learning in secret, favoring the magic that, like white magic, best suits a human’s natural abilities: Mental Magic. A skilled Mage can use this magic to manipulate their foes, cause them harm or even paralyse them. The art of fast hypnosis or enchantment has been honed to perfection in some schools.

A well-trained Enchanter can stop his enemies in their tracks and completely paralyse them. With this advantage, even huge armies of orcs that would otherwise have crushed the human forces can be easily defeated. Their ability to render large numbers of enemies unable to fight in a short period of time has secured the Enchanters position behind the human line-up.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Defensive Magician
  • Attack Damage: 9 - 14
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 70
  • Magic: Hypnotize
  • Upgrades: Clarity
    Increases mana and mana regeneration.
  • Required buildings: Temple of Light, Academy
  • Required resources: 65 Aria


From the halls of the secret schools come not only scholars and masters of enchantment. There are also a select few who devote their lives to the dangerous path of offensive mental magic. They can enter their victim’s thoughts, break their spirits and destroy them with the sheer power of their magic. This power is feared, since neither armor nor shield can offer protection. Any warrior that locks eyes with a mentalist knows that his end is near, and fear strikes deep into the hearts of those that witness a comrade falling dead, as if struck down by a ghost.

A mentalist’s training is long, and many fail to meet the harsh requirements. Only those whose spirit is clear and cold as ice can attain this level of mental magic, and for the rest, there is only madness.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Offensive Magician
  • Attack Damage: 11 - 19
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 80
  • Magic: Shock, Shockwave (with Upgrade only)
  • Upgrades: Shockwave
    Unlocks the spell Shockwave and increases maximum mana reserves.
  • Required buildings: Temple of Light, Academy
  • Required resources: 100 Aria


They are the most noble warriors of the human realm, protectors of the people and faith. In Aonir or Tiara’s name, and under the command of the king, they are always ready to protect the innocent and defenceless with their lives. Fearing neither weapon nor magic, their courage and faith are unshakable. Before the Convocation War, Paladins were organised in great orders, the greatest of which, the Iron Falcon, covered the whole of the Northern Realm. Now the few surviving Paladins serve the new realms where they can, always on the look-out for brothers from the disbanded order.

Paladins are masters of combat with sword and shield, and through their faith and devotion are bestowed the power and will to use the pure, white magic of the Gods. They are a noble ally for those that win their trust, and a relentless foe for those that incur their wrath.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Elite Melee Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 12 - 18
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 180
  • Magic: Hallow, Blessing of Dexterity
  • Upgrades: Fire Blessing
    Paladin receives flame sword that can apply fireburst and increases Paladin's fire resistance by 175.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Temple of Light, Master Armory
  • Required resources: 60 Iron, 30 Aria

Griffin Rider (Titan)

The mighty griffons are proud and not easily to be controlled but the humans were adapt in even trying to challenge the most stubborn beasts. The griffon taming then became a hard yet extremely rewarding skill in the human rune armies since the powerful beasts are able to fly over the battle fields with quick speed and strike down on their foes. Compared to the titans of the other races the Griffin Rider is weaker in damage but has vastly increased attack speed.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Titan
  • Attack Damage: 5 - 11
  • Attack Speed: 110%
  • Armor Rating: 250
  • Magic: Aura of Fast Fighting
  • Upgrades: Powerful Titan Upgrade
    Improves the battle power of the titan and allows to recreate it on death.
  • Required buildings: Great Headquarters
  • Required resources: 500 Iron, 300 Aria

Blood Hound

These dogs hunted the scouts of the Orks along Nortanders borders, they picked up the scent of assassins of the Norcaines in the East of the Hohenmark and they often were the last line of defense, with their teeth barred, between their wounded master and an overpowering enemy. One their own there is little a bloodhound can do, but in a pack they can be the downfall of any armored warrior. And even when the world drowns in darkness and all hope disappears, these creatures will never leave their masters side.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Swarm Unit
  • Attack Damage: 8 - 10
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 50
  • Required buildings: Dog Kennels
  • Required resources: 60 Food (for 10 Hounds)

Star Mage

It is not just the magic of healing and strengthening that is taught at the large star monastery Aonirs, there are also secret schools of the magic of starlight which can only be mastered by the high priests of Aonirs. They collect the light of their far-off god through the stars at night and combine it to form destructive lightning used against their enemies fortresses. The star magicians are proof that light can also bring destruction once its anger has been awakened.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Siege Unit
  • Attack Damage: 10 - 15 & 8 - 12
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 100
  • Magic/Abilities: Siege Lightning
  • Required buildings: Star Monastery
  • Required resources: 140 Iron, 120 Aria


To create a good army, a good base is required first. See below what buildings the humans have to do so.


  • Small Headquarters
    Unlocks some advanced buildings and allows size increase of light rune armies to 30 units.
  • Medium Headquarters
    Unlocks some elite buildings and allows size increase of light rune armies to 50 units.
  • Large Headquarters
    Allows the training of a titan unit (Griffonrider) and allows size increase of light rune armies to 80 units.


  • Quarry
    Gathers stone from nearby stone deposits.
  • Woodcutter's Hut
    Gathers wood from nearby forests.
  • Sawmill
    Refines wood and doubles the amount of wood gathered.
  • Mine
    Gathers iron from nearby iron deposits.
  • Smelting Works
    Refines iron and doubles the amount of iron gathered.
  • Aria Shrine
    Gathers aria from nearby aria springs.
  • Hunting Lodge
    Gathers food from nearby wildlife creatures.
  • Fisher's Hut
    Gathers food from nearby fishes.
  • Fishing Guild
    Gathers food from nearby fishes very fast.
  • Cattle Breeding
    Produces food constantly but slowly.
  • Grain Farm
    Produces much food by first sowing and harvesting some time later.
  • Food Store
    Refines food and doubles food gained. Unlocks mana and health regeneration for human units.


  • Crossbow Tower
    Passively shoots arrows at nearby enemies.
  • White Hand
    Passively heals nearby wounded allies.
  • Forge
    Allows the training of human warriors.
  • Temple of Light
    Allows the training of human mages.
  • Shooting Range
    Unlocks the Marksman and researches his upgrade.
  • Master Armory
    Unlocks the Armsman and the Paladin and researches the Paladin's upgrade.
  • Academy
    Unlocks the Enchanter and the Mentalist and researches both units' upgrades.
  • Dog Kennels (SotP)
    Quickly creates Bloodhound units up to 10 at a time.
  • Star Monastery (SotP)
    Produces the Star Mage.

Gallery of all buildings


As all races the humans do have passive ability. At night they have greatly decreased eyesight and lower stats which results in lower attack strength and durability. This disadvantage can be compensated by either using the fire magic spell Illuminate or by delaying the fights to day-time. Also the torches in the human camps are able to illuminate the area as well so defending a camp at night will not prove a problem.


The human units do have their base stats such as damage and armor. However their attributes are not static but instead scale with the units level.

See below how the attributes are changed for humans when leveling up:

  • Strength: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Stamina: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Dexterity: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Agility: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Intelligence: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Wisdom: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Charisma: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Fire Resistance: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Ice Resistance: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Black Resistance: 30 + 1 X lvl
  • Mind Resistance: 30 + 1 X lvl

Author's Note

  • All entries with (SotP) are only available with the Shadow of the Phoenix installed and while playing in the Shadow of the Phoenix Campaign or the Free Game.

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