General Edit

Equipment is everything that an Avatar or his/her Heroes can wear. In Spellforce 1, the available slots are Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, Left Hand Ring and Right Hand Ring. This is the Equipment overview: Equipment Screen

Head Slot Head Edit

The Head slot is a slot for Helms, Caps, Hats, Tulbans and Masks. It covers the face, giving the avatar a ready-for-battle look.

Upper Body Slot Upper Body Edit

The Upper Body Slot is a slot for breastplates, jackets, robes and shirts. It gives the most armor of all slots. It also covers most of the body, giving a main look of the avatar.

Lower Body Slot Lower Body Edit

The Lower Body Slot is a slot for platelegs and pants. It covers the legs and always has a corresponding Upper Body design. When using a Robe, the legs are covered, so you are unable to put a Lower Body Slot armorpiece in the Lower Body Slot:

Robe example

Ring Slot Rings Edit

The two Ring Slots are slots for Rings. Rings are invisible on the character, but grant the avatar magical powers.

Weapon Slot Weapons Edit

The two weapon slots can be used for Swords, Axes, Hammers, Staves, Wands, Battlestaves, Spears, Orbs and Shields. Some weapons are two-handed, disabling the other Weapon Slot. This are some examples of how Weapon Slots can be used:

Weapon Example

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