Sfbow 7

In Fast Holme says Talianna immediately with King Ragnar . Of her but will only help if the city is out of danger. It is an attack of the undead imminent. Tally uses the monument and the infrastructure and created a small battle on the fast group. With their help, she resists the attacks of the undead at first. Ragnar is now ready to answer their questions. She learns that the Smith Windjulf can find magic has it.Unfortunately Windjulf the headless giant Gorg kidnapped. Meanwhile, Cave is the extreme east and on the way there lurk many undead. It is the creation of an army unit with maximum strength and Titan needed to the east to fight the road. Fortunately, in the near Gorgs cave a second monument, the losses incurred can be compensated for that. Gorg is relatively easy to defeat. But the three spirits giant that his demise appear to have large losses to defeat only. The blacksmith is freed and on their return to the dwarf city, he is Tally , what it needs. With the fire ban she returns to Tirganach back.