Sfbow 10

Hardly have the two entered the Firefangs , they are greeted by a plaintive voice. the guardian of the shadow sword, a fire angel lamented the loss of the fire ban. The shadows escape from the sword, so it loses power.So he sent his master thinks, he asks the Talianna and Lena for help. First the base to be built, because the shadows are everywhere in the country on the move. the spell of fire in order to free sites, you need Talianna a strong army. Tally can be conquered every hearth guard, trying to be as shadowy to destroy them. At the altar of flame summons Tally four fire elementals to ignite the fire ban. All four fires are burning up, have the guards are fighting hard. But eventually, the shadow sword again banned in. The fighters are on their way to fire angel. Before she confronts him, she meets a few preparations. It is therefore well prepared when the fire angel finally realizes his mistake and attacks. By joining forces, he is defeated and captured the shadow sword. Then it goes to Shal'Dun have given themselves back.