Uram Gor
South and west from the camp of the Frostblades.


  • Camp of the Frostblades
  • Western Beastcamp
  • Eastern Beastcamp
  • Gate of the Dwarf Town
  • Access to the Forge
  • The Forge

Quests & Strategies

The Shadow Ring

The Shadow Ring is an object that makes the Shadows visible to you when you wear it. Such an object would give you the opportunity to fight them, instead of being their easy prey.

The Abandoned Forge
The Fireforge, once the largest dwarven forge in the Middle Mountains is the only place where the Shadow Rings were made. The Oracle explained that this is the only place where such a ring can be found. To reach it, you have crossed the Burning Plains of Uram Gor and defeated its demons.
The Barbarians
At the foot of the volcano is a village of a tribe of the Western Barbarians, who are on friendly terms with the Clans. They have blocked he path to the mountaintop and guard their village like a fortress. You should join forces with them, not only will you have their reinforcements, but also free access to the mountain.
The Fireforge
The forge is in the crater of the volcano above you and the dwarven town is occupied by beasts. But with the help of Vlad's barbarians you shoul be able to take the town.
The camp has two gates, at the east and the west, where attacks from the two beast camps strike. Protect one gate with the units you received, the other with the Shaikan, or split the groups. Gather resources - an additional stone field is just north of the eastern gate - and build up the camp and army. When you have some 40 units leave 25 (plus some extra towers) at the east and take the Shaikan and the remaining dozen units west and then north. Take possession of the silver and expand your base and the army at the eastern gate while your small army takes out the camp in the northwest. Return to your camp and join forces with the defenders there to launch an assault on the eastern camp.
Look for the key
Vlad reports that the dwarven town, where the access to the forge lies, is closed and he has only one part of a three-part key. The other parts are in possession of the commanders of the two beast camps.
Let Vlad open the gate
You have captured the two missing parts of the gatekey and Vlad, who has the third part, is waiting in anticipation at the gate to the dwarven town. He won't give you his part, but he's certain to open the gate - to pillage the town - when you give him your parts.
Into the old town
The old dwarven town is besieged by a pack of beasts that drove Vlad's barbarians to the foot of the volcano. In the fight, the gate key was destroyed and the parts are in possession of Vlad and the two beast commanders.
Volcano Forge
The ghost of the dwarven blacksmith has ordered you to find his Volcano Hammer which is not only needed to complete the forging of the fourth Shadow Ring, but also to open the gate to the forge.
Essence of Heat
The forge is extinguished. the blacksmith wants you to cast the spells that will rekindle it, but you need a powerfull source of heat for it.
The Yellow Fire
Three pipelines supply elemental fire, their flames have to burn with a yellow color to forge the ring. Three leavers adjust their heat and color; when pulled, a lever will increase the heat of its flame, but decrease that of the other two.
The last ring
The time has come to forge the last Shadow Ring, use the materials you gathered and the Truthsight scroll at the Fireforge to forge this last ring. Not only will the Shadow Ring give you the means to see the shadows, the completion of their last task will also set the spirit of the dwarven blacksmiths free. The iron and moonsilver can be found in the storeroom, the catalyst on one of the elementals and the scroll somewhere in town.

The Black Mirror

The Black Mirror, a dark stone that fell on the world centuries ago binds and controls the fate of the Shadows, from it they derive their power. Sorvina inherited it from Nazshar and with it she controls the Shadows, but they will refuse to serve her if the mirror is returned to them. Sorvina hid the mirrior in a place that was made inaccessible to the Shadows by the god Hirin; the crater that was formed by the meteorite that contained the Black Mirror.

The Shadow Warrior
The shadow warrior you met at the Fireforge offers you a deal, meet him at the Black Tree, close to the town of Karash at the Gate of Swords.

Side Quests

The right Twist - Mauser's eveil empire
On his search for the explosive powder Professor Twiddle got lost in a secret base of that scoundrel Mauser. Lela, Twiddles assistance needs your help in rescuing the professor. The laboratory is in the eastern part of the town, with the professor trapped in the form of a wolf.
Return the professor to his human form
Some device, or trap in Dr. Mauser's laboratory in the east of town has transformed the professor into an animal form. He believes you have to put all the nearby levers in an 'upright' position, keeping in mind that the levers influence each other.
The Black Legion
The Black Legion was the elite force of the Dark Ones in the War of the Six Nations. Their armor and weapons were crafted under the instructions of the Fial Darg and counted among the best, with only the armor of the Iron Falcons to rival it.
Call the ghosts of the Black Legion
Morca gave you his old sword, which originates from the time of the War of the Six Nations. He believes its magic should be able to call the ghosts legionnaires of the BLack Legion from their graves if you drive it into the ground at an old battleground.


Vlad, the Stranger
The leader of the Frostblades, a barbarian tribe that lives a the foot of the volcano.
Silver Wolf
An odd codger, Professor Twiddle in an involuntary disguise, can be found in the eastern part of the old town, with a leverpuzzle.
Ghost of the Forge
The ghost of the blacksmith that crafted the Shadow Rings

Things to attack


Stone, silver and lenya are spread out along the foot of the volcano. The barbarian camp has stone, silver and lenya within its palisades. To its north west lie silver and lenya fields and the western beast camp has large deposits of stone and silver. North of eastern gate of Vlad's camp lies a stone field (en-route to the dwarven town), while more silver can be found towards the east, on the path to the eastern beast camp, which itself has large deposits of stone and silver.

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