Upon having discovered the warrior's ring from the ghost at Liannon's mine during The ghost of the mine, Brok recommended the rune warrior to seek out Ortah Gelfbeard, a collector in the west of the village. As a collector of old antiquities he might have been able to help identifying the ring.

Talking to Ortah Gelfbeard

Upon showing Ortah the ring he quickly stated that the ring beared Udwin's seal. He had been a famous mage of the city of Talindar and was lost during the past days when he entered the demonic pits of Barga Gor.

The spirits of Udwin's men were now returning to the face of the land near an old mine in Liannon. Ortah wondered if more of them will bear rings or old equipment and recommended the future Phoenix Bearer to seek out the mine once in a while.

The ghost of the scribe

Directly after having talked with Ortah another ghost, the Ghost of the Scribe, will appear.  This mind mage was able to use shock and manatap spells to damage the mind of its enemies directly. However he was rather weak in health and could be taken care of with some focussed damage. Upon being defeated the ghost would drop a glowing quill, an ancient rune book and a ring.

The old rune book

Ortah could not read the rune book and thus suggested the rune warrior to talk to Darius Servil. The old man was an expert on ancient languages. And indeed Darius was able to read the book and stated the book explained the tragedy of Udwin's journey to the abyss of Barga Gor where Udwin and his men met their fate during the fight with the Red Horde.

The ghost of the scout

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At the mine the ghosts reappear

After having shown Ortah Gelfbeard the ring of the scribe, a third ghost emerged at the mine, the Ghost of the Scout. This fighter was capable of dealing strong melee damage and additionally was extraordinary sturdy. Also one should be wary of him because he was able to use the spell Pain on his enemies. After he ghost had been defeated he would drop a ring as wel as a broken blackyewbow.

Udwin's ghost

After having brought the scout's ring to Ortah, Udwin's ghost would emerge from the ground. Unlike the other ghosts he remained calm first and could be talked to. However after having shown him the rune book from the scribe's ghost, he regained his memories which were terrific. He then mistook the rune warrior for just another demonic trick and engaged combat.

Udwin was a level 20 warrior with lifetap and manatap spells and not to be taken lightly. Besides that he also had a strong physical attack. When having defeated Udwin, the rune warrior took Udwin's Ring from his corpse which also ended the quest.

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