From the Deep
Vital statistics
Start Brok Dalingar
End Udwin, Ortah Gelfbeard
Level 3
Location Liannon
Rewards  ??
Previous Next
The ghost of the mine

The spirits of Udwin's men are returning to the face of the land near an old mine in Liannon. With them comes cold danger.

The ghost of the warriorEdit

A restless shadow stalked the land near the old mine in the East of Liannon. It seems to be a warrior, who has fallen many years ago.

Bring the ring of the Ghost to OrtahEdit

According to Brok, Ortah might know something about the old ring. His house is at the Western end of the village.

Look for additional ghostsEdit

It is possible that even more ghosts of Udwin's attandants will rise to the surface.

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