Upon having discovered the warrior's ring from the ghost at Liannon's Mine during The ghost of the mine, Brok recommends the Rune Warrior to seek out Ortah Gelfbeard, a collector in the west of Liannon's village. As a collector of old antiquities he might be able to help identifying the ring.

Upon showing Ortah the ring he quickly states that the ring bears Udwins seal. Udwin was a famous mage of the city of Talindar and was lost during the past days when he entered the demonic pits of Barga Gor. The spirits of Udwin's men are returning now to the face of the land near an old mine in Liannon.

Ortah wonders if more of them will bear rings or old equipment and recommends the player to seek out the mine once in a while.

The ghost of the scribeEdit

Directly after having talked with Ortah another ghost will appear. The ghost of the scribe is a level 10 mental mage which might be too dangerous to beat when being a Liannon at the first time. It is recommended to come back at a later time. Once defeated the ghost drops another ring, a glowing quill as well as a Rune Book. Both can be brought back to Ortah for a the helmet Ravencap as reward.

The old rune bookEdit

Ortah cannot read the rune book at suggests to show it to Darius at the village. He might be able to read the encrypted lines. And indeed Darius can read the book and states the book explains the tragedy of Udwin's journey to the abyss of Barga Gor where Udwin and his men met their fate during the fight with the demon hordes.

The ghost of the scoutEdit

When having shown the scribes ring to Ortah the ghost of a scout appears. This ghost is a level 15 warrior with strong attacks and the ability to cast white magic spells for his own protection. He is quite difficult to beat and needs very strong damage to go through his spells. Once defeated he drops another ring and a Broken Blackyewbow.

Udwin's ghostEdit

When the scout's ring has been passed onto Ortah Udwin's ghost will emerge. Unlike the other ghosts he remains calm first and can be talked to. However when showing him the Rune Book from the scribe ghost, he regains his memories which are terrific. He then mistakes the Rune Warrior for another demonic trick and engages combat.

Udwin is a level 20 warrior with fire magic attack spells and not to be taken lightly. He has very strong fireball spells and guards himself with a fire shield and he also has quite high resistances against fire. Besides that he also has a strong physical attack. It is recommended to have some healers and at least 2 more heroes in your party.

When having defeated Udwin the Rune Warrior can get Udwin's Ring from his corpse. This also ends the quest.

Udwin's RingEdit

This is a unique ring that can only be found by the Rune Warrior by defeating Udwin's ghost.

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Stats of Udwin's Ring