Sfbow 4

Talianna and Lena have immediate task, a set up shelters for the refugees. At the very beginning they encounter in the marshes to a deserted orc camp with a monument. Before the start base building, swamp monsters until all enemy orcs and other fixed. As the construction of the Orkbasis begins to take weary refugees, and by the Lena brought to their camp. So they can continue to iron, must Talianna their orcs firstly with enough food to provide. Hardly cope, have Orkeinheiten the first attack of the imperial troops staying. Since the second wave of attack is too strong for the Orcs , lead the refugees to the two girls Elven fortress.There will be racing again made ​​while Tally the expansion of defense installations and cares about elf army sets up a. This army can stop the onslaught of the Imperial while one, but finally, the supremacy too strong.The refugees move further north, until they are stopped a goal from. Talianna and the heroes get the Keyholders to them opens the gate. Continue to the northwest, the refugees are to Tirganach be. Just before the portal, the heroes defeat the leader of the Imperial. Dracon Arach is a strong, tough opponent. After he is defeated, the heroes follow through the portal.