Sfbow 12

In the Garden of Tirganach receives Talianna of the fairy queen their last job: The winter dragon Aryn so weakened that he must Cenwen song that had been listened to and sung to sleep can be in her. So does the rune warrior on his way to the portal to the glacier break. Access have now opened the elves , Aryn little brothers defeated Tally help the heroes easily.

In breaking glacier experiences Talianna by the dwarves , the dragon all stones must be destroyed first. While they dwarf the base rebuild, can tally flints promote the ones they need to destroy the dragon stones.Gradually, they destroyed all the dragon stones and kill all the guards. Before the destruction of the last stone, it forms dwarf units and the titanium from 80th After the last stone is destroyed, it has to its troops to attack the snow monster to fend off. After this is over, begins Talianna the attack on Aryn . While the dwarves giving them the freedom to keep her, she attacked the dragon with mages and rangers until they are weak enough for Cenwen is. Which appears to happiness in time and begins her song. The dragon calms down and sinks back into deep sleep. The world is saved!

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