Gitzo was a goblin character in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter that could be found by the Shadow Warrior in the Echo Swamps. After he was defeated by the rune warrior, its essence was bound to a rune stone and he served the rune warrior ever since.

Before SpellFore: The Breath of WinterEdit

Gitzo had always been an outsider. Even his fellow members of the Goblin clan of the Leatherfists felt eerie around him because his only joy for all times has seemed to be murder. After finally being outcast by his clan, he meandered around until he reached the Orc camp in Urgath, where he easily found a job as a torturer and assassinator. The Orcs made good use of his insanity, and in due time he was regarded as an appreciated mercenary, who eliminated his victims with covetousness and quick, precise stabs of his dagger.

In SpellForce: The Breath of WinterEdit

The goblin Gitzo was found in a Grarg camp in the south-east of the Echo Swamps where he hold the Merchant Lucios imprisoned. He was confronted and defeated by the Shadow Warrior and his essence was bound to a rune by the Masked One and he served the rune warrior ever since.

After SpellForce: Shadow of the PhoenixEdit

Since all rune magic came to an end after the defeat of the Circle in the Bone Temple, Gitzo's rune should have lost its power as well and thus his life had come to an end.


Gitzo's RuneEdit

See to the table for the stats of the rune of Gitzo.