Glamrig is a rock former of the Windholme dwarves, an old warrior who fought in the war of six nations and the old human wars. His hand to hand acumen is only exceeded by his skills with the axe, which he has swung on so many battlefields. Even Isegrimm, the mightiest rock former, member of the circle and the builder of Mulandir is envious of his abilities. As the more morbid motives of the circle became known, Glamrig turned against Isegrimm and trapped the betrayer of knowledge of the dwarves at his tower near Windholme. The dwarves fought each other for two days until Isegrimm slew Glamrig. In revenge he forged his soul to a Rune, so that his erstwhile enemy should now serve as his protection as well as to mock him.

Dwarf defender-1-

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