In the world of Eo there are multiple powerful beings but only a few that are that powerful to be titled gods.

Said gods are often directed at with prayers of the mortal peoples.

Guardian Gods

These gods serve to protect the world and its mortal beings under the rule of the Allfather.

Aonir - The Allfather

  • Role: Stands for the supreme god of the pantheon of gods.
  • Names: Lightbringer, Conqueror of the Elements, The Watching Eye
  • Signs: The Godstones, Eye of Aonir

Hirin - The Rider

  • Stands for wind, storm, course of time, transitoriness, freedom.
  • Names: Soul carrier, dream messenger
  • Revered by: All peoples (death messenger, dream), nomads
  • Signs: a lonely rider, the hour-glass, a black horse, the falcon, the wolf

Niethalf - The Smith

  • Stands for forging and construction handicraft, hardness, strength, courage, war.
  • World smith, master of the eternal hearth, master of the fight.
  • Called by: all light peoples (warrior), main god of the dwarves
  • Signs: an armoured smith, hammer, anvil, the bear, the eagle, moon silver, steel

Elen - The Lonely One

  • Stands for nature, inshore waters, rain, fog, mystery, wisdom, silence, healing, art, Rainwoman, fog weaver, singer at the river
  • Called by: all light peoples (nature/farmer, healing), main goddess of the elves
  • Signs: a slim woman with long white hair, white female wolf, the owl, the yew

Zerbo - The Fiddler

  • Stands for cunning, deception, trade, music, dexterity, thief art, Fiddler, the entertainer in the mirror, rag prince, snow-white fool
  • Called by: humans (thieves, entertainers), traders, gypsies
  • Signs: a lonely fiddler, black cat, the crow, a mask, the fencer, a black-haired youth, a fool with snow-white hair

Shanna - The Weaver

  • Stands for business, home, health, family, healing, softness, Mother, Sister, The Good-natured One, The Gentle Hand
  • Called by: humans (goddess of the people, healing), craftsman, farmer
  • Signs: the woman at the loom, a grey cat, the pigeon, the oak

Ereon - The Scribe

  • Stands for knowledge, education, medicine, research, neutrality, justice, Master of the book, the mediator, protector of the Arcanes, the fair one
  • Called by: all light peoples (scholar, sorcerer), judges
  • Signs: the writer, the feather, the scales, the book and the sword, the raven, the man in grey or white robe

Tiara - The Dancer

  • Stands for the sun, vitality, light, the good, hope, internal strength, warmth, fire, passion, Dancing flame, heaven guardian, the golden one, the radiant one
  • Called by: all light peoples, (sun, the good), main goddess of humans (after Aonir).
  • Signs: one gold decorated dancer, the flame, the sun, a circle, gold

Ulm  - The Welfare Worker

  • Stood for growth, variety, animals and creatures
  • Other names: World tree; The Multicolour
  • Signs: A tree with glittering leaves in many different lights
  • Ulm has being corrupted by the fact that he had no people that was worshipping him. Thus he created the orcs. But creating new races was forbidden by Aonir's Law. Thus Ulm gave up upon being a follower of Aonir and became a renegade god along with Nor and changed his name to Zarach.


Nor -  The Silver Weaver

  • Stands for moon, night, silent, sleep, forgetting, cold
  • Sees itself now as knowledge, clarity, power, truth, master of the night
  • Earlier called: master silver crescent, the silver one, the cold eye
  • Of his current followers: master of the night, the only seeing, silver weaver
  • Called by: all dark peoples (knowledge), main god of the dark elves
  • Signs: a black dressed sabre fighter, the moon, the crescent, cold salt water, a silver net, a silver spider, silver

Zarach - The Growing

  • Sees itself now as creator, innovator, growing, conqueror.
  • Names: The claw, Drinker of the world blood, the dark storm, iron root, blood fire.
  • Called by: main god of the orcs and trolls.
  • Signs: the red claw, the black root, fire, blood, iron, a claw-shaped tree without branches

Aonir’s Sacrifice

And so Aonir, the Wanderer, descended onto Eo after weaving the bane and forming the face of the earth out of the elements. There he planted the Seed of Life, the most valuable of all his assets. When he was finished, he lingered there. Weakened and fatigue, he wished to return home to the distant shores he had once set off from. However, the concern for his new creation would not cease from his mind.

Therefore he sent his light out across the Star Sea and called for his children. They soon hurried across the Eternal Abyss to stand by his side, and he spoke: “See my creation. I have formed a fertile terrain out of this once broken world. And the Seed of Life will soon bloom. However, I cannot dwell here to tend to my creation. Therefore I have called you to fulfill this duty.” “Father,” his children replied, “the powers you have banned are merely asleep. Even if we unified our powers, we would never be as mighty as you are. How will we be able to face all the dangers to come?” “No worries!”, the Wanderer answered. “As long as the shine of my light can be seen glowing from the distant shores of our homestead, my powers and the bane will be in effect. I shed my blood to make this world a part of me, like many others before.” With these words Aonir forged a blade of sharp stone and jabbed it into his body. Many drops of his blood fell onto the face of Eo. Wherever a drop touched the land, they turned into purest crystal and the Godstones were formed.

Exhausted, the Wanderer spoke to his children: “From now on my power shall guide you. Though there are yet many challenges awaiting you.

Tiara, eldest of my children, your home shall be the Disc of the Sun. And as you dance among the flames, you will offer life here the necessary light and warmth it requires to survive. May you never tire, Tiara.

Nor, my son, you shall receive the Disc of the Moon as your reign. Watch over the nights and the creature’s sleep once Tiara has moved on. Your light will shine cold, but it will be a welcome sign for the creatures of the night.

Daughter Elen, wander through the country and guard the forces of life. Watch over the treasures of nature, the plants and the creatures of the forests. Give them the water they so urgently need to survive and be their friend and protector.

Ulm, you shall be the Keeper of Diversity and Change. Nothing shall last forever and change shall determine the face of this world. May your powers give the flowers their colors and the creatures their variety.

Niethalf, your might shall form them and strengthen them. You will give them the power they need to survive. As we know, this world will not be without dangers. In the depths of the earth I want you to forge their souls, giving them courage and truthfulness; willpower and strength.

However, you will also encounter those who are weak or double-minded, the ones who do not pursue their lives based on the truth. They too, shall have an advocate, and that shall be you, Zerbo. Your deceitfulness and finesse shall offer them assistance and provide an example. Shanna, my daughter, you will pass graciousness and blandness on to this world. In the homes and families, your soft hand shall guide their way. Show them the joy of life, of work and of being together.

Hirin, you will be the Harbinger, the one to bring good and bad. You shall accompany the souls of the dying to the Halls of Death and guide those born into life. Sleep, death and dreams, but also happiness and health will be the goods you trade. May they fear you and love you at the same time.

And at last you, Ereon. You will be the Keeper of their Knowledge. Science, research and magic shall provide a better future for the races. You shall take down all their knowledge and legislations in a book, so that I may learn the story of my creation when the end of time arrives.

Now set off and fulfill these duties until the end of this world has come. In return, every creature shall render homage to you in thankfulness and loyalty, as you are their guardians and their preservers. Yet keep in mind: my creation is immaculate; it is the beginning and the end, the present and the future. The Seed of Life shall sprout and grow, as I have created it. Watch over it, for every life is unique.” And with that the Stargod Aonir quit speaking and left Eo to return to the shores of his homeland. From there his light shines protective over his children as they now protect us. Nonetheless, they shall never interfere in our history and never shall they join forces with the creatures of Eo, nor shall they accept them as friends. These are the Rules of Aonir and they apply to the gods as well as the creatures.

Aonir's sacrifice and his instructions to the guardians