The Greydusk Vale was the border between the green grasslands of Nortander and the wastes of the Darklands. In SpellForce: The Order of Dawn the border fortress was fortified by the Order of Dawn to prevent undead from breaking into the northern realms.


After the rune warrior had passed the Windwall Mountains she reached the outskirts of the Greydusk Vale. When she saw that the border fortress had been under siege by the undead, the rune warrior created an army and marched towards the north. After having defeated some Urok trolls led by Morg, she was able to liberate the western part of the fortress from the undead.

Inside she revealed Urias, the knight-commander of the Order of Dawn, that she had been sent by Sartarius to find Hokan's legacy in the Darklands. The future Phoenix Bearer broke the siege to the east by killing Nightblade, the wraiths and the ghouls in front of the gate. Soon after she occupied the cave entrances to prevent enemies from reinforcing the Snake Pass and then she marched through the pass to defeat the undead commander Zihar.

Traitors in the fortress

Urias' advisor, Morton Tharne, told the rune warrior that recently the undead had been attacking the fortress at secret weakspots. This decisive attack pattern made Tharne believe, that the undead had an informer within the fortress. After the rune warrior broke out of the fortress and fought Sirkah to the northeast, she found a map of secret entrances. When comparing the map's inscription with a letter from Thurgon Farmir to Tanara the Seamstress, the writings would match. Morton Tharne confronted Thurgon Farmir but he would attack and thus died in combat.


To forge a powerful weapons powerful souls of undead were needed. According to Orthanc there were five undead of such evil that their souls had crystallized. One of these undead was found at Greydusk Vale: A wraith called Nightblade who had been guarding the eastern gate of the border fortress.


Inside the fortress Flink McWinter was cursing at the curfew because of the undead. He was searching for his partner, Cassius Demer. The rune warrior promised to look for Cassius Demer at the Howling Mounds.


To the west there was a green valley with lots of trees and an abundance of resources. There could also be lots of wildlife found there. When going up towards the northwest the country quickly dried up and became a rocky and sandy area. Both a dwarven and a hero monument could be found in said area. A narrow passageway was leading from the dwarven area towards the east guarded by skeletons.

Border fortress

GreyduskVale FortressPanorama
In the very center of the island a huge fortress of the Order of Dawn was erected. The old walls were once designed and built by the dwarves of the Windwall Mountains according to Morton Tharne. Until today no army was able to take the keep. Inside the fortress a Godstone and some gardens and vegetation could be found.

Snake Pass

If going towards the east the area becomes a narrow passageway: The Snake Pass. Underground there were many tunnels with lots of passages leading towards the east. The undead would use the tunnels to reinforce their ranks from all across the island to prevent an armies' breakthrough here.


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