The House of the Order
Map of Greyfell
Vital statistics
Type Mountain
Level 1-3
Location Northander, Fiara
Inhabitants Human, Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc

Greyfell is the seat of House of Wulfgar. It lies in the southern part of Northander, bordering to Windwall mountains and the Highmark. It is a prosperous and safe country and one of the main bastions of the Order of Dawn.

Background Edit

The island of Greyfell is the first map of the game Spellforce-The Order of Dawn. This is where the Circle Mage Rohen Tahir summons the Avatar to a Monument of Heroes in the western part of the island. It is to note that the Monument of Heroes only works in the Intro cutscene. When you get a hold on the Avatar, it becomes a simple part of the surroundings.

Once the Avatar is awakened, Rohen gives him his Rune, and along with it, his freedom. He tells the Avatar to follow the scout to the city of Greyfell and look for Sartarius then disappears. The Avatar obeys. There are wood spiders and beetles on the way that can be killed to get some experience, and a chest in the ruins down the Monument of Heroes. Don't let the scout kill those monsters for you or you will get 0 XP from them. South to the Monument of Heroes and a little before the Shadowpass, there is a Wulfgar outpost kept by two guards. One of them will give you some infos about the road ahead. Continue your road until you meet the Dark One. There will be a cutscene with the scout being a traitor and the Dark One telling him to kill the Avatar and give a certain chest to the Black Hand before he disappears. The scout, still in the cutscene, will try to kill you but, even if the Avatar is a White Mage or an Archer, he will win the fight.

Pick the box on the corpse of the scout and meet a White Mage called Randolf Lighthand who informs you that you will have to fight your way through the Shadowpass. He will guide you to a Human Monument where you will be able to build an army. Go to the chests just ahead of the place you've killed the scout and to the cavern north to the Goblin Camp to get some items that could be useful. If you cannot use it, well there are traders at Greyfell who will surely give you some cooper or silver coins for them. Take care of the bandit south to the monument and, once your army is built, go burn the goblin camp down. There is an orcish camp just after but it doesn't really matters. Just burn it down and kill those green skins. The Peasant Lemuel will tell you that the Fishing Village is under the attack of cavern orcs. There is not time to loose, send your army to the village and kill the beasts. Lemuel will reward you with a ring. If your army has been quite disminished by all this fighting, don't hesitate to call reinforcments to the Human Monument. Once you are ready, go to the city or, if you want to get some interesting items, go to the cavern west to the main town. Kill the orcs in here and claim your prize.

Once you reach Greyfell, you just have time to talk a little with Sartarius before being attacked by cavern orcs. If your army is before the main gate, they will defeat the invasion effortlessly. Go talk to Srtarius once everything is over; He will tell you to go to Liannon and talk to Darius the Cartograph. He will give you a pass for the guard that keps the portal to Liannon and, if you ask for more, he will tell you about Eo's history and the current events. There are a lot of Traders in town and a lot of Quest Givers. Don't hesitate to accept their quest, for experience is rather hard to get and you will hardly reach lv 30 by just following the main quest. After that, go to Liannon.


Greyfell itself is a city located on the top of a plateau above the Shadow pass. On the foot of the plateau lies a small village of Wulfgar fishers. Far in the west is an ancient hero monument, that used to be the place of summoning of Rune warriors. A bridge, joining the western edge of Shadow pass to the rest of the country, is guarded by a Wulfgar patrol. The reason for it are the rampaging goblins and cave Orcs, that occasionaly attack the travellers. It is also said, that a dangerous bandit hid somewhere in the forests. However, the most creepy are three murmuring graves, that can be found near the road.


  • The City of Greyfell - In the most eastern part of the island. The capital of the game, with many merchants and quest-givers.
  • The Shadowpass - The whole western part of the island.
  • The Fishing Village - Located to the south of the city of Greyfell, next to a large lake.
  • The Starting Monument - The spot where you start with your Avatar in Spellforce-The Order of Dawn.

The Shadow pass



  • Human - The Middle-West of the map


¹ Only appears after or during a specefic quest

You can also find many traders in Greyfell. See the list of traders.


The Shadowpass does not have fertile soil, but it's rich in iron, stone and relative enough wood. The wildlife and the lakes provide enough meat and fish. Inside Greyfell are small plantages of different kinds of berries, but as there is no Elven Monument on the island, so berries cannot be gathered.

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