The Griffon Rider is the Titan unit for the Human race.


The Griffon Rider is mounted upon the back of a mighty Griffon, and bears a large lance with which to pierce the enemies below.


Griffon Riders are fierce opponents, against whom Mental magic will prove little use. They are known for their mobility on the field of battle, flying over obstacles and circumventing enemy troops. The Rider possesses great attack power with his long lance and the curved beak and talons of the Griffon to aid them. Their greatest weakness is against Black magic, against which they have no true defense.


The bond of the Griffon Riders was formed during the human's and griffon's exile in the Windwall mountains before the Age of Swords, when dragons ruled the world. Humans shared their food with the starving griffons, forming a bond between the two races. A bond that the Griffons answered when they descended to vanquish the dragons in the Age of Swords, and that they still heed today.

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