The Dark Elves are one of the six playable factions in The Order of Dawn, The Breath of Winter and Shadow of the Phoenix. Their benefits, their disadvantages as well as their units and buildings will be shown here.

The Monument

The dark elf monument was created from polished stone that was masterfully adjusted to form a shrine surrounded by obsidian. In the mid a statue of a battle ready and armed dark elf is shown wearing a one-handed sword and a tower shield. A red symbol is marking the spot where dark elven units are summoned.

When summoning units the dark elven statue's eyes will glow in a violet light before materializing dark elven rune fighters. Like all other Rune Monuments, the dark elven monument is indestructible but the connection to a rune can be separated by inflicting damage to the building.


Now following is a list of the units available from this rune army.


SF1 DarkElf Assassin
Assassins are the warriors of the Draco, one of the three ruling castes in the Dark Elves’ social hierarchy. Their strenuous training begins at childhood, and more than a few do not survive. A young assassin is robbed of his family and friends, and lives a life of hardship and humiliation in the grey schools of the Draco, learning to kill and hate. Only when this boy has grown into a wrathful man, a weapon whose only purpose is to kill, can he rise through the ranks of the assassins. Assassins are feared on the battlefield, for they are more than mere soldiers, they are merciless executioners, sent to bring the wrath of the god of night to those who have faith in the light. The perfection with which they have mastered their weapons and the art of war makes them seemingly forget the weight of their armor, and when they swirl through the ranks of their enemies as dancers of death, or climb the walls of an enemy fortress silently and unseen, then they are one with their destiny.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Basic Melee Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 7 - 14 & 7 - 14
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 125
  • Upgrades: Dance of Death
    Upon death the assassin kills all nearby enemies that are heavily wounded.
  • Required buildings: Forge
  • Required resources: 100 Iron


SF1 DarkElf Battlemaster
The caste of the Draco does not consist solely of whirling assassins, but also of the thoughtful tactics and battle in heavy ranks. From this war-hardened caste come most of the great leaders of the Dark Elven armies. Battlemasters are the heavy fighters of the Draco, whose clarity of thought and willpower more than compensate the wildness that the butchers of the Sinistra have to their advantage. The Battlemasters are planners and strategists, but also fight on the frontline, experienced warriors who have learned well the wisdom and teachings of their caste. Their equipment is not weighed down by religious frills, being made for one purpose only, and Battlemasters carry the best weapons and armor the smiths of the warrior caste have to offer. They are not only feared warriors, but also well-respected teachers, with their clear-headedness giving the armies of the Norcaine their tactical advantage and stability.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Advanced Melee Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 16 - 29
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 160
  • Upgrades: Sinister Blessings
    Weapon is enchanted and can trigger Pain, Life Tap and Mana Drain.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Moonsilver Armory
  • Required resources: 80 Iron, 50 Moonsilver


SF1 DarkElf Sorcerer
The streams of black magic are like the lifeblood of the dark empires of the Norcaine. In towers and temples as magnificent as they are threatening, sorcerers weave the threads of darkness, night for night, day for day, endlessly questing for even more powerful knowledge. Their craft is pain and suffering, destruction and despair; and whenever the armies march against the light, the sorcerers follow, murmuring prayers to weave the net of death with their brothers in arms. They serve the caste of Archon, the most powerful of the ruling castes. And although the sorcerers belong to the lowest and weakest of the schools of magic, they still recognize the strength of their caste, and each of them strives to ascend the ranks of the Archon and lead the fate of a realm. Yet before them lies a long and ardenous path before they can rise through the ranks of the schools of magic.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Basic Offensive Mage
  • Attack Damage: 4 - 9
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 60
  • Magic: Pain
  • Required buildings: Onyx Tower
  • Required resources: 80 Aria


SF1 DarkElf Necromancer
Of the black arts, the magic of death is the most powerful on the battlefield and since the beginnings of the dark races, it has been closely interwoven with the fate of the Dark Elves. In the midst of the armies, Necromancers march into battle, and once their brothers have begun the harvest with their blades, their work begins. They fill the corpses of the fallen with new life, summoning hateful spirits from beyond death and throwing them into battle. Seeing their freshly fallen comrades rise again and charge like a grey wave of destruction in front of the armies of darkness, the heart of many believer in the light turns to stone. Necromancers also belong to the caste of the Archon, and their schools, from which the unholy screams of their servants echo night and day, are often the biggest and most elaborate buildings in a city.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Supportive Mage
  • Attack Damage: 7 - 15
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 85
  • Magic: Summon Undead Goblin
  • Upgrades: Nor's Calling
  • Upon midnight all killed Necromancers are revived on their point of death
    (This works until the population cap is reached.)
  • Required buildings: Onyx Tower, Dark Academy
  • Required resources: 110 Aria


SF1 DarkElf Warlock
Under the sign of the Silverweaver they preside over the schools of magic, controlling and manipulating, weaving the threads of destiny as easily as the streams of magic. Warlocks are the most powerful of the Archon, and are surpassed by few in their mastery of the dark arts. They do not often partake in the slaughter on the battlefield, but when they do unleash their dark power into the fight, victory for the dark ones is usually not far. Death flashes as unholy lightning from their fingertips, with row for row of light-believers falling, screaming in agony. When not at war, they lead and control the realms of the Norcaine from their obsidian towers, listening to the nightly whispering of the Silverweaver, who commands them his will.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Advanced Offensive Mage
  • Attack Damage: 6 - 13
  • Attack Speed: 80%
  • Armor Rating: 110
  • Magic: None
  • Abilities: Death
  • Upgrades: Redemption
    After death the Warlock transforms into a spider.
    As a spider the damage is increased and it can inflict poison, death and life tap.
  • Required buildings: Onyx Tower, Dark Academy, Arcanum
  • Required resources: 140 Aria


SF1 DarkElf Shadowblade
Darkblades are the servants of the Sinistra, masters of weapons and black magic. Their caste is the least powerful, but that fact is based more on tradition than their prowess. They combine the ways of magic and steel in deadly perfection, to honor the Silverweaver and bring about the downfall of the enlightened. Armor and weapons of the Darkblades tremor with the unholy power of their magic. Many a believer in the light has been paralysed with fear at the sight of a Darkblade, whirling in and out of his enemies with cruel precision, voicing a powerful incantation of their magic in a dark voice. If death is an assassin’s craft and a sorcerer’s science, so it is a Darkblade’s religion. Nor has no more devoted servants than these warriors.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Basic Hybrid Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 7 - 14
  • Attack Speed: 90%
  • Armor Rating: 150
  • Magic: Lifetap
  • Required buildings: Forge, Onyx Tower
  • Required resources: 70 Iron, 20 Aria


SF1 DarkElf Deathknight
As if in a trance, they wade through armies of enemies, singing their black prayers and sowing death in the name of their lord. Once the dark anger of a Deathknight has been awakened, only death itself is able to stop these fearsome creatures. Their tradition stems from the War of Six Races, when they were appointed guardians of the Fial Darg, the Princes of Darkness. Still bound by their ancient oath to never falter, they are the pride of the Sinistra. They consider their talent for magic as a gift from the Fial Darg, always positioning themselves in the center of an attack, and always the last ones to stay and defend. An advancing row of Deathknights is known to the races of the light as a dark storm, and it is said that only the finest armor, forged by the best dwarven blacksmiths, is able to withstand the blows of their war hammers.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Advanced Hybrid Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 10 - 19
  • Attack Speed: 90%
  • Armor Rating: 180 (220)
  • Magic: Aura of Lifetap
  • Upgrades: Dark Bond
    Enhances the black magic resistance and increases armor.
    All enemies attacking in melee are afflicted with the spell Pestilence.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Onyx Tower, Moonsilver Armory, Shadow Forge
  • Required resources: 80 Moonsilver, 40 Aria


SF1 DarkElf Havok
Faith and devotion empower the Sinistra to acts as heroic as they are cruel. The most cruel punishment of all, however, is reserved for their own, for those who are ordered down the path of the Havoc. The Havoc meld with the powers of darkness, are filled by the streams of destructive power and become one with the whispering shadows. Body and spirit wither to a dark image of their former self and unimaginable pain becomes the selected one’s only constant companion. But his existence is now the power of darkness, in all its cruelty. Pain and madness drive him on, bestowing him supernatural powers and the burning hate to kill thousands. The Sinistra know that the few who are sent down this shadowy path cannot remain in the world of the living for long. Thus they are equipped with best weapons, the strongest armor, and placed in the center of the battle when the time of war is nigh. For the believers in the light, the Havoc are like a bad omen, as if the Fial Darg themselves had returned. They are a perfect combination of black magic and merciless fighting abilities.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Elite Hybrid Fighter
  • Attack Damage: 11 - 25
  • Attack Speed: 90%
  • Armor Rating: 220 (250)
  • Magic: Summon Spectre
  • Abilities: None
  • Upgrades:  Dark Bond
    Enhances the black magic resistance and increases armor.
    All enemies attacking in melee are afflicted with the spell Pestilence.
  • Required buildings: Forge, Onyx Tower, Moonsilver Armory, Shadow Forge, Arcanum
  • Required resources: 100 Moonsilver, 60 Aria

Spiderbrood (Titan)

SF1 DarkElf Titan
Ever since Nor, the god of night, had received the race of the dark elves as a present from his ally Zarach, he had thirsted to create his own creature. He knew he would never succeed in creating his own race and thus he decided to give his dark children an ally to fight at their side, who would sow fear and doubt into the hearts of everyone opposing them. Thus, year after year, he demanded the most beautiful of maidens from his loyal subjects as a sacrifice and then carried those away to his silver-spun home, there to weave their body and soul together with his essence. Thus he created the pale Spiderbrood, half woman and half spider, but wholly filled with Nor’s evil and cold hatred. Still do the dark elves sacrifice their daughters to this gruesome ritual and receive the bond with Nor’s poisonous brood in return, who drives into the rows of the armies of the Light with a hiss, to drink from their blood. Even though the dark deity has been driven from EO, his misbegotten children still dwell there, waiting in the pale silver light of the moon for their father, whom they pray to with husky voices reaching into the barren night.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Titan
  • Attack Damage: 6 - 12
  • Attack Speed: 120%
  • Armor Rating: 250
  • Magic: Aura of Inflexibility
  • Upgrades: Powerful Titan Upgrade
  • Improves the battle power of the titan and allows to recreate it on death
  • Required buildings: Large Headquarters
  • Required resources: 300 Moonsilver, 300 Aria

Darkwings (SotP)

SF1 DarkElf Shadowwing
These evil creatures are attracted to black magic like a moth to a candle. Their favorite dwellings are the towers of great witches which are seeped in the dark powers of their creators. It is thus only natural that these creatures soon gather in swarms in every settlement of the dark elves. The Norcaine have learned to benefit from the low but all the more evil intelligence of these vampires. Many dark elves believe that these creatures are the blessed ones of the God of Night Nor, sent out to serve the Norcaine.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Swarm Unit
  • Attack Damage: 8 - 10
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 55
  • Required buildings: Shadow Tower
  • Required resources: 60 Food

Harbinger of Chaos (SotP)

SF1 DarkElf HarbingerOfChaos
 In addition to powers of Black Magic, the dark elves also research into other, more destructive powers. The magic of chaos is one of these, a virtually uncontrollable power that crushes everything it comes into contact with. The harbingers of chaos of the dark elves are trained in the schools of destruction to become proficient magicians who have learnt to channel and wield the powers of chaos. Chaos is difficult to control which is why the harbingers of chaos can only use their magic against solid buildings.

Stats and requirements

  • Category: Siege Unit
  • Attack Damage: 6 - 12 & 9 - 23
  • Attack Speed: 100%
  • Armor Rating: 100
  • Magic/Abilities: Siege Chaos Magic
  • Required buildings: Academy of Destruction
  • Required resources: 140 Iron, 140 Aria


To create a good army, a good base is required first. See below what buildings the dark elves have to do so.


  • Small Headquarters
    Unlocks some advanced buildings and allows size increase of dark rune armies to 30 units.
  • Medium Headquarters
    Unlocks some elite buildings and allows size increase of dark rune armies to 50 units.
  • Large Headquarters
    Allows the training of a titan unit (Spiderbrood) and allows size increase of dark rune armies to 80 units.


  • Quarry
    Gathers stone from nearby stone deposits.
  • Mine
    Gathers iron from nearby iron deposits.
  • Stonemason
    Refines stone and doubles the amount of stone gathered.
  • Smelting Works
    Refines iron and doubles the amount of iron gathered.
  • Moonsilver Mine
    Gathers moonsilver from nearby moonsilver deposits.
  • Fungus Farm
    Produces much food by first sowing and harvesting some time later.
  • Breeder
    Produces food constantly but slowly.
  • Food Store
    Refines food and doubles the amount of food gathered.
    Unlocks mana and health regeneration for dark elven units
  • Onyx Shrine*
    Gathers aria from nearby aria springs.


  • Forge
    Allows the training of dark elven warriors.
    Unlocks the Dance of Death upgrade.
  • Onyx Tower
    Allows the training of dark elven mages.
  • Moonsilver Armory
    Unlocks the Battlemaster, Deathknight and Havok.
    Researches the Sinister Blessings upgrade.
  • Dark Academy
    Unlocks the Necromancer and the Warlock.
    Researches the Redemption upgrade.
  • Shadow Forge*
    Unlocks the Deathknight and the Havok.
    Researches the Dark Bond upgrade.
  • Arcanum*
    Unlocks the Warlock.
    Researches the Nor's Calling upgrade.
  • Tower of Sorcery
    Passively attacks nearby enemies with pain spells.
  • Mindbreaker
    Passively hypnotizes nearby enemies for a short duration.
  • Shadow Tower (SotP)
    Quickly creates Darkwing units up to 10 at a time.
  • Academy of Destruction (SotP)
    Produces the Harbinger of Chaos

Gallery of all buildings

Now following is a gallery of all buildings of the Dark Elves.


Killing an enemy unit during the night will create a skeleton servant from the killed enemy. Said undead will assist the dark elves in combat until defeated. This does not work on summoned minions of the dark elves or towers of the dark elves.


The dark elven units do have their base stats such as damage and armor. However their attributes are not static but instead scale with the units level.

See below how the attributes are changed for dark elves when leveling up:

  • Strength: 35 + 1 X lvl
  • Stamina: 25 + 1 X lvl
  • Dexterity: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Agility: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Intelligence: 40 + 2X lvl
  • Wisdom: 30 + 1 X lvl
  • Charisma: 30 + 2X lvl
  • Fire Resistance: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Ice Resistance: 20 + 1 X lvl
  • Black Resistance: 40 + 2X lvl
  • Mind Resistance: 40 + 2X lvl


Author's Note

  • All entries with (SotP) are only available with the Shadow of the Phoenix installed and while playing in the Shadow of the Phoenix Campaign or the Free Game.
  • All entries with * are falsely translated into the english version and thus were fixed by myself.

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