Darkelf Havoc a-1-
Faith and devotion empower the Sinistra to acts as heroic as they are cruel. The most cruel punishment of all, however, is reserved for their own, for those who are ordered down the path of the Havoc. The Havoc meld with the powers of darkness, are filled by the streams of destructive power and become one with the whispering shadows. Body and spirit wither to a dark image of their former self and unimaginable pain becomes the selected one’s only constant companion. But his existence is now the power of darkness, in all its cruelty.

Pain and madness drive him on, bestowing him supernatural powers and the burning hate to kill thousands. The Sinistra know that the few who are sent down this shadowy path cannot remain in the world of the living for long. Thus they are equipped with best weapons, the strongest armor, and placed in the center of the battle when the time of war is nigh. For the believers in the light, the Havoc are like a bad omen, as if the Fial Darg themselves had returned. They are a perfect combination of black magic and merciless fighting abilities.

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