Rune Monuments were a creation of the mages of the Circle. They used their rune magic to enslave fighters and mages from various races and bind them into Rune Stones. The monuments were special buildings created in the very process to summon forth the rune-bound fighters.

After the Circle was defeated in the Dark Jungle by the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior, the monuments lost their power just like all creations of the Circle, that had been created with the help of the Allfire.

Types of Monuments

  • Hero Monument
    Summons powerful individual heroes from hero runes.
  • Human Monument
    Summons human fighters. See Humans (SF1) for more information.
  • Elven Monument
    Summons elven fighters. See Elves (SF1) for more information.
  • Dwarven Monument
    Summons dwarven fighters. See Dwarves (SF1) for more information.
  • Orc Monument
    Summons orcish fighters. See Orcs (SF1) for more information.
  • Troll Monument
    Summons troll fighters. See Trolls (SF1) for more information.
  • Dark Elf Monument
    Summons dark elven fighters. See Dark Elves (SF1) for more information.
  • Bindstone
    Not exactly a monument but a means of travel for rune-bound fighters. 
    Also it was an anchor for their revival upon death.