Legend says, the blood of a god provides new life. And I need them alive! Alive, under my spell, with all their POWER!

Hokan Ashir is an antagonist in the SpellForce series. While aiding the Rune Warriors in Order of Dawn and in Breath of Winter, he is the main antagonist of the addon Shadow of the Phoenix.

Hokan was one of the thirteen Circle mages and the most powerful necromancer ever known.


Time of the Circle

Hokan Ashir was one of the Circle mages and one of the most powerful necromancers to have ever lived. He has created the Soulforger and the blades as a fusion of black metal and dark arts.

During the war of Convocation he sent his minions of blades and undead creatures against the army of Uram the Red. After the Convocation War his death was imminent, like all the other Circle mages excluding Rohen.

SpellForce 1

In Spellforce: The Order of Dawn, his spirit mingles in the City of Whisper, searching for the Mask of Belial with his undead army. In order to find the Phoenix Stone a rune warrior, later on known as the Phoenix Bearer, gave him the Mask of Belial for information.

In Spellforce: The Breath of Winter, Hokan has gained a way of forming a new body for himself by wearing the mask of Belial. He is disguised as The Masked One and aids the player in one way or another. But while Hokan was alive he was still weakened and regenerating from his death. As he states he dislikes being next to places with divine power residing which might be a result of his unnatural revival.

Rohen Revived

Rohen's corpse is revived by the Life Essence

Though, in Spellforce: Shadow of The Phoenix, it is revealed that Hokan true intention for obtaining the Mask of Belial. Hokan is the main antagonist in Spellforce Shadow of Phoenix.

He uses the Life Essence obtained by having access to the divine blood of the god Ereon to revive his dead comrades of the circle. By reviving them he also bound them to him making it impossible for them to disagree with Hokan's orders.

By gathering the circle once more he hopes to access godly power by merging with the demi-god Belial. This fusion was interrupted by the two rune warriors, the Phoenix Bearer and the Shadow Warrior, and the circle was defeated once and for all by releasing the Phoenix.

SpellForce 2

It appears in Spellforce 2: Dragon Storm that he had a daughter, Yasha Ashir, who longs for nothing but following her father's footsteps and recreate the blades on her own.. She joins the clans in Dragh'Lur and attacks the Pact.

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