Kyra is an elven archer, an enemy, who might become a rune warrior, a character in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter. She was one of the last to fall in Winterdeep, back when the elves and the dwarves led their armies against each other, in the last great battle of the ancient white folks.

She can be recruited by putting her essense in rune stone.


Kyra guarded over the elf commander and shot each and every dwarf that tempted to approach her. And yet, fate took its pay, fatigue lamed her hand after the many weeks in battle and in one dark and decisive moment, her arrow was not quick enough. It did hit the commander of the dwarves, however, his axe had already slit her beloved Mistress’s string of life. Since this hour, Kyra's ghost has been roaming through Winterdeep, forever trapped in the hopeless attempt to save her dead Mistress after all.

Involvement Edit

Kyra first appears at Winterdeep with Ice elves-wolf tamers. She attacks immediately. After her death the rune warrior is able to take her essence and make a loyal servant from her.

Abilities Edit

Kyra is an exellent archer. She can use bows and daggers.



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