Kyra was an elven archer of the Winterguard in Winterdeep in SpellForce: The Breath of Winter.


She was a trusted warrior of the elven army of Garvyn during the war with the dwarves of Fastholme led by Rogras. When her master fought her battles, Kyra was like a shadow in her back. Every dwarf that attempted to go near her master found death through one of Kyra's arrows. However one day fatigue took its toll and Kyra's arrow were one split second to late and a dwarven axe had already cut her master's string of life. Ever since Kyra had been roaming the battlefields as a ghost searching for redemption.

During SpellForce: The Breath of Winter

When the future Shadow Warrior marched through the Winterdeep, he fought the ghosts awakened due to Aryn's roar. On the corpse of Garvyn, the rune warrior was able to find a key capable of opening a secret valley to the west. Inside said valley, Kyra and some Wolf Summoners could be found and upon having defeated Kyra, her soul could be trapped in a rune stone and later be awakened by the Masked One to serve the Shadow Warrior as a rune hero.


Kyra is able to deal heavy damage with her bow, Aryn's Wrath, which can also freeze enemies. Because of the wolf summoners it might be hard to push through to the ranks. Focus the wolf summoners first to reduce the wolf numbers and then focus Kyra.


Quest involvement