Leafshade is a giant forest area, belonging to the elven settlement of Eloni.


When the Avatar reaches Leafshade, he finds himself atop a high cliff, with a path leading to the valley below. There is a small way at right hand that leads to the corpse of an elf. The elf corpse holds a jewel you can sell for money. Down the valley, the Avatar is called by a group of Utranian soldiers led by Sergent Einar. He calling you doesn't mean you should come at once. If you are strong enough, do a little cleaning before talking to them, for they are going to follow you wherever you go.

Einar explains he was ordered to burn and destroy the supply camps of Brannigan and the Black Hand, but it was a suicidal mission and now, the path they had taken to come is blocked by rocks. The Avatar kindly offer him his help, since their path is the same, but Einar warns that the Northern Pass is watched by goblins. If you set just one foot there, they'll tell the camps and it will be the end. Build your army. There is food in the south, ore and stone in the north-east and wood in the center of the valley. Protected by a camp is also a small source of aria, but there is just enough for you to make a dozen of upgraded priests. The other more important source of aria lies on the other side of the Northern Pass. If you want to reach it, be ready to fight, and fight hard.

Once your army is ready, twenty upgraded crossbowmen with ten priests should be enough, go through the pass. The goblins will warn the camps but your army should be strong enough to slay them down, or rather machine-gun them (the crossbowman's upgrade is to shoot two times simultaneously). Send the Avatar and Einar's troup to the goblin camp and burn it to the ground. Also, pick the Black Quartz on the body of the orc mage, you will need it for a quest. When the goblin camp is gone, attack the three supply camps. Also, send some workers to gather the aria below the camp. Destroy the camps with your army and, if you plan on killing the orc to the south with the weird spherical weapons, don't send your Avatar alone. He will be dead before you know it.

Once the three camps are destroyed, head east. Einar will notice a strongly fortified camp with Fire Towers. However, the two cliffs that serve as walls are wide enough for you to post crossbowmen and lure the orcish army out. The orcs will be shot without causing you any arm. Well, that's how it should happen, but there is always a gap between theory and practice. There is a Human Monument and a Soul Stone north to the fortified camp. Create some Paladins with the upgrade Soul of Fire (I'm no sure about the name). It will protect them from the fire of the tower. Also, go talk to Sinwen Whiteleaf. She will gove you two quests; in one, you will have to save the elves an orc chief holds in hostage. In the second one, you will have to gather some special items to make two equipments, the ring Night Glimmer and the Mask of Spells.

To make Night Glimmer, you need Black Quartz, Stardust and a Moon Fragment. The Black Quartz is on the orc you killed in the goblin camp, the Moon Fragment is on an ennemy called Elijah Twonk and the Stardust can be found on his brother, Ragnar Twonk (name unsure). To make the Mask of Spells, you will need an Archfire Stone, Stonecreeper Saliva and a Troll Skull. The Archfire Stone can be found on a skeleton that lies north to the Human Monument, in a grotto with ash and lava, or on a draconian at Eloni. The Stonecreeper can be found east from the Human Monument, but he is strong. As for the Troll Skull, there shouldn't be trolls in such regions of Fiara but it seems there is one in the fortified camp ...

Eliminate the barricade at the entrance and place your crossbowmen on the two sides of the walls of the fortified camp. You will find an orc carrying a tooth on it tha you can give to Seno the Dentist for a reward. Keep your troops still until you are ready and set Einar's plan in motion. If you have enough crossbowmen, that should work. Raze this part of the camp to the ground and gather your strenght. The troll, Urshuk and his troops are just before you. Kill the troll and its subbordinates, destroy that camp and here it is, you have fulfilled your mission. Einar opens the door for you but there are some quests to finish before, if you want. Quests that can reveal interesting (Mask of Spells provides a good protection against magical damages and Night Glimmer is perfect for magicians). Next stop, the Shiel.


The hills from the southwestern Eloni decrease down to the forest valley. The whole area is a giant passage way between Eloni, and the human stronghold of Shiel. There are - or rather, were - a few elven settlements dispersed among the trees. In the north there is a dark valley, where a necromancer is said to reside.


Before the Convocation, Leafshade was situated in the central part of Northander. Now it connects the elven and human settlements:


There are not many surviving elves in the woods of Leafshade. Also a small group of troops from Shiel was sent here, to help the elves. However, it seems, that they themselves will need help.

NPCs Edit

Sergeant Einar
Follows the PC for a while.
Sinwen Whiteleaf
Gives you the quest The Hostages

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The armies of Brannigan are even stronger here, than in Eloni. You will not find any weak goblins here. Instead, the whole are is under heavy siege from the orcs. And their leaders are human traitors and a troll.


Similarily as Eloni, also Leafshade provides a huge amount of lumber, iron ore and stone. However, its aria resources are quite limited. Even more, the orcs have killed the majority of animals.

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