Lena is a rune warrior mage and a companion character in both SpellForce: The Breath of Winter and SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past.

SpellForce: The Breath of Winter

Lena and Grim were the ones who used the rune stone of the future Shadow Warrior to bring him back to life. They hoped that with his help they might be powerful enough to help the Mirraw Thur Resistance to free themselves from the oppression of the Winterguard in Mirraw Thur.

They first went out and spoke with Aedar Thalan who requested to bring Dunhan and Reowys in their ranks first. After the rune warrior had done so, the ice elves were driven out of the swamplands.

However Grim had betrayed both the resistance and his companions: He wanted to free his master, a Fial Darg. The Crimson Empire invaded and Lena swore, that she would be the one to kill Grim.

Lena and the refugees followed the rune warrior up north to the portal to Frostfall. They escaped through the narrow mountain pass of Frostfall while being hunted down by Dracon Arach of the Crimson Empire. Eventually, she and the refugees made it to Tirganach after having escaped from the dark elves.

Inside the city of Tirganach Lena and her former master, Elune discussed the next steps. The rune warrior went to Fastholme to obtain the Firebane while Lena stayed in Tirganach.

When he returned, she joined him again and they went to the Nevershade Frontier. The attacked the Darkwall, the old frontier fortress of the Crimson Empire. With the help of the local dwarves led by Borondir, they pushed through the dark elves' defenses and reached the portal to Shal'Dun.

Upon having reached the Burning City, Shal'Dun, the Dracon Craig Un'Shallach offered his services in dealing with the Fial Darg's servants. They obtained the three keys of the city and were thus able to get to the inner city. There Lena and the rune warrior confronted Grim. They defeated him and Lena made him shiver by using her ice magic to torture him. Grim told that his master was fearing the Shadowblade, the only weapon capable of hurting him. Lena thanked Grim for telling this but was showing no mercy: She killed him shortly after.

With the Shadowblade picked from the Firefangs after having dealt with the Fireangel, Lena and the Shadow Warrior went to the Abyss. There they met an old friend, Willit of the Mirraw Thur Resistance, who had been held as a slave to the Crimson Empire. He revealed that the Fial Darg had almost completed the ritual and had sealed himself behind walls made out of Soulfire.

The rune warrior managed to break through the barriers and rushed deep inside the Abyss until he had reached Cenwen. Lena was so happy to see her sovereign that she headed inside without paying care to her surroundings. She was surprised by the Fial Darg who killed her in one swoop of his axe.

SpellForce: Shadow of the Phoenix

With the end of the circle at the Bone Temple of Zarach, the power of the rune warriors came to an end. Lena had not been revived in the meantime and thus her rune stone's power was extinguished and her life came to an end.

SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past

Lena is one of the possible companions to the protagonist of DotP


  • Lena is an ice mage. She can use an Icestrike, and later Freeze.
  • At first, she uses a simple white staff, after leaving Tirganach - long two-handed staff.
  • She was taught how to use ice magic from ice elves.
  • Lena is the only unfamiliar person from the selective companions in the Realm of the Gods to the Shaikan elder.
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